Five things sales organizations need to do in the times of crisis

Sales organizations have the toughest times when any crisis hits the market. There has been a vast history of crises which proved fatal to many big organisations. This is also true for the current situation with COVID-19 aka CoronaVirus. The pandemic is spreading all over the world. And it has already affected the global economy badly. But if you play smart even in the middle of a crisis you can overcome the situations and win the game in the long run. Here are five things sales organisations need to do at the times of crisis.

  1. Do not try to hard sell: Crisis is a time when you need to think about sustaining your business instead of hard selling. Of course there is a need for sales to sustain your business. But you have to think more about the people, the customers and their problems in these harsh conditions. Try to address their problems. Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis and be empathetic. Also, make use of the technology to reach them if not possible physically. We have seen so many companies have cut down their salesforce and have kept a limited staff to sustain in this Pandemic. Though many companies have to do it. But if you can sustain without losing much of your loyal employees it is always better.
  2. Train your salesforce: Instead of field sales equip them with new advanced ways to connect their clients. Get them tools like zoom, skype etc so that they can use them to engage clients more effectively. Even if your business is in something in which customers need physical visits, like in Real Estate you can use your sales force to conduct meetings over zoom, skype or such video conference apps. This will give a near to real meeting experience and even if you do not get sales in the first try, clients will keep you in mind for such efforts and once the situation becomes normal, the client will visit your properties firsthand as you have developed a rapport with them. This will keep your sales forces still productive.
  3. Online salesforce: As the time demands focus more on online sales. Hire more inside the salesforce rather than field. As the trends change the customer’s buying habits change as well. We have to focus on building a salesforce which holds good digital marketing skills. If not then make them attend and learn a few digital marketing webinars or online courses. Ask them to make individual efforts in online sales. Improved skills and understanding of the sales cycle they will be able to perform much better once the crisis is over. They can combine both approaches and give really good results out of it.
  4. Branding stories related to the scenarios: While sales is doing its job but your advertising and branding stories too should show the concern for the society and try to make efforts to make some positive PR as well. Figure out how your company can add value to the people’s lives in these situations. It could be donations, free products and services, etc. It could be in any form. People always recognise the efforts made by corporates to make some positive changes in society. This not only gives you a better stance for future marketing but also gives a positive outlook for your products and services.
  5. Keep your customers informed: There are going to be delays in your deliveries while adhering to what the government has restricted and what are the policy changes. Inform your customers about the new regulations from the government and tell them how this will impact your capabilities of delivering your products and services. Also tell them when could be the expected dates for the delivery. This keeps your customer calm and plans his or her needs accordingly. This also helps in customer retention as they know what is the status of their beloved brand.