Follow These Tips To Take Your MBA In Marketing A Notch Higher

Students who are pursuing MBA in marketing spend months if not years to precisely understand the skills they need to land for a successful job in their career. But the everyday demands of MBA program makes it hard for them to keep a track of all the opportunities they get while pursuing the course. We’ve outlined a few tips to make sure you maximize your success and take your marketing career a notch higher than the usual. Hope it helps better!

1.Initiate an MBA career portfolio

While pursuing MBA program, a wide variety of research-based projects, presentations and other assignments get submitted to faculty under your name. Many of these academic projects have the potential to convey your core abilities as an MBA graduate, and thus can be added to your career portfolio. 

Suggested Action: After completing each semester, figure out what all projects, presentations and assignments you’ve worked on. Select the aptest work of yours and add it to your portfolio. By doing this activity timely, you’ll have a good number of research-based or development plans projects at the end of the MBA that you can use further to present your academic performance. 

2. Learn from latest market updates

The Internet is full of blog portals delivering meaningful knowledge by covering a specific deal or move. If you find reading a newspaper a tough thing to do, then scroll down the big list of blogs and start getting the latest marketing world news from there. Even if reading itself seems boring to you, listen to podcasts where real-life experienced professionals share their journey, give relevant tips to grow, and sometimes, offer exclusive opportunities in the form of giveaways and challenge rounds. 

Suggested Action: Subscribe to two-four blog portals or podcasts whose content interests you the most. Make it a habit of investing 15 minutes time to check your inbox to get the latest market updates. 

3. Volunteer with Marketing & Communications team 

Being a marketing student, having relevant certifications in brand management through advertising is one strength that adds more weight to your resume. The list of events here at FIIB is quite a long one and you being a RACER can always come forward to help-and-learn. After all, what’s better than appreciation in the form of a certificate?

Suggested Action: Come forward and volunteer yourself for the event coverage through taking pictures, creating blogs or hosting it as an emcee. Even if you’re a fresher, such volunteering experiences counts and keep you a step ahead of the fresher tag. 

4. Step out for informational interviews

Where on-campus corporate presentations help you land for a good internship or job search, informational interviews, on the other hand, narrow your search by connecting you with a network that will actively guide you to leg up in interviews. Reaching out external informationals also teach you about your target industry, current trends and train you for roles & responsibilities. 

Suggested Action: Be active and responsible for your career. Try talking to speakers that come to your college, and cold contact people in your target field on LinkedIn, especially alumni of your MBA program. 

5. Take online courses (mostly free guides)

The Internet is full of free guides and courses where bloggers share their marketing tactics, growth strategies and upcoming trends to dictate what it means to be a self-made marketer in this digital era. Taking such courses not only give a new perspective to your theoretical marketing knowledge but also help you increase your courses at LinkedIn resulting better portfolio (again). 

Suggested Action: Don’t limit yourself to Coursera or Udemy, search out for bloggers/ freelancers/ marketers who provide their own experiences in the form of course guides. Free courses are the best way to excel the marketing battlefield and evolve as a true marketer.