Foundation courses at FIIB: Strengthening the Bonds and Inculcating the Cultural Heritage

A step into a new life always arrives with a mix of emotions, especially if is the beginning of a new academic inning. As expected the students arrived on the orientation day with a baggage of feelings. Some were excited while many others were understandably nervous. The New North orientation program was the ace plan to regulate these feelings and make the students feel comfortable and at home.

The orientation day started with registrations of the students and their document verification. The batch seemed very enthusiastic to begin the new phase of their career.  The registration and document verification were scheduled from the morning till the mid of the day. The interactive sessions commenced at 12:30 on 8th June 2018, which began with the traditional lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana. The Students were addressed by Dr. Digamber Parsad, who is his speech emphasized the importance of ethics and dedication during these two years for students.

On the day two of the orientation program, the students were asked to informally introduce themselves. This was a crucial step to make the students comfortable after a month of frequent group discussions and formal interviews. It also led us to know many exciting sides of our students through the extracurricular talents they possess. It was very refreshing to know that a huge bunch of them are either fitness or sports enthusiasts which clearly displays the discipline they have invoked in their lifestyles. Apart from this, the students very creatively displayed their dancing, singing, beatboxing and mimicking talents.

The cultural club at FIIB has also got the students keenly and enthusiastically involved in many activities which make them realize the power of teamwork and design thinking. Students were asked to construct paper towers, irrespective of their shapes and sizes and the team whose tower stood the tallest won the game. The learning that a strong foundation is required to reach new heights was the one thing that mattered more than the result.

There are numerous ongoing foundation activities which are ongoing. Mr. Vinayak Pant, a beloved alumnus of FIIB and Advisor, South Asia Regional and Training Assistance Center, IMF visited the students to share his experience and words of wisdom with them.  The students are also in regular conversations and session with their faculty mentors, anyone to one conversation with them will bring better clarity of thoughts to the youngsters.   

There are several visits from industry experts planned for the newbies so as bring a bulk of corporate experience to their classrooms. The students are enjoying their experience with the co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A level unlocked for the institute, by making the students feel welcome and at ease.  A journey of miles stays ahead of us, but as they say ‘Well Begun is Half Done.