From Campus to Corporate – FIIB Making The Transition Easier For Students Through Sankalp

Progress is impossible without change — Students who desire to achieve great heights in their career must understand the importance of transition. Normally, life is a tale of major and minor changes, which altogether shape our individuality and help us to create our own identity. In a student’s life, real change comes in after he/she completes the college and thinks about the career ahead. The timespan between leaving the college and entering into corporate world is quite a tough road to cover.  But, FIIB believes that it could be a smooth ride if students get right bits of guidance during their growing-into-adulthood phase.

With a core aim of making this “Campus to Corporate” paradigm shift less challenging for students, FIIB has introduced SANKALP, a skill development program, that provides various assessments, guest interactions, and hands-on training sessions to students. SANKALP is that bridge which enables students to become better employees and train them to cope up with the corporate world.

What is SANKALP?

SANKALPSkills And Knowledge Aligned to Lead and Perform

As the name conveys – SANKALP is an initiative taken by FIIB to create success for students by enhancing their soft skills and turn them into required employability skills. FIIB conducts various skill development programs for students betterment; SANKALP is one such program that helps them evolve into corporate professionals.

SANKALP – The Four-Stages towards Success

FIIB understands the different development needs of students and thus, crafted SANKALP in a way that grows along with the mindset of students. During the 2 years of PGDM, the students undergo 4 SANKALP training programs that broadly focus on polishing FIIB student into a corporate professional.

SANKALP 1 – Starting right from the roots

In the very first stage towards corporate success, FIIB plans to make students familiar with different career tracks that diverge from PGDM and tell them about the demands of the business world. During the first few months at FIIB, students get an opportunity to attend various sessions that will help them further to understand their capabilities, build confidence and foster camaraderie among their friends. “I came from a non-tech background, I feared I wouldn’t be able to catch up with IT tools, numbers, and stats. I also was not clear on what career opportunities would match my strengths, thankfully attending SANKALP-1 has solved all these queries for me, as it happened at an early stage of my MBA, I stepped into all my core courses confident that I will be able to make the most of them”, a first year student, Mansi said describing her experience with SANKALP and how she loved it.


The most important part behind the whole “Campus to Corporate” transition is stage 2, which is a 3 days long workshop that helps students to unleash what the corporate expects from them. With this particular stage, FIIB plans out to deliver the needed business etiquettes and preparations to students that outcomes successful CIP to PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) conversions from companies like ITC, McCann Erickson, Shopclues, Unison International and PayU Money.

This stage shape the future of student by-

  • Conducting CIP Evaluations and Processes
  • Briefing on how CIP goes in respective domain specialization
  • Creating a corporate culture at the campus (during the 3 days long workshop) to make students aware of workplace ethics.
  • Sharing previous experiences during CIP and much more.

SANKALP 3 – Getting ready for the last mile

A bundle of tests, assessments, and lots of placement drives that grinds students well-enough that they feel all set to step out and shine. The third stage of SANKALP is all about mock placement session that prepares students to face the real corporate world. At this point, FIIB doesn’t talk about ‘creating a corporate culture’ instead, make sure that students conquered the corporate world seat. “Career preparedness is individualized and unique at FIIB. The assessments and mock interviews help us understand their strengths, nurture their winning attitude, and train them to unleash their true potential by hands on training and mock practice sessions.”, said Ms. Smita Sharma, Head – Training & Development at FIIB.

SANKALP 4 – Holding your hands till the end

When we said transition in life is normal, we also meant that sometimes you (as a student) have to put extra efforts to reserve your seat at the corporate world. With its fourth stage, FIIB tries to help those students who somehow left behind in the race of career success by offering one-on-one career guidance and helping them further for placements. “The concepts covered helped discover my strengths and work on my shortcomings, I discussed some tricky interview scenarios I have faced and the trainers suggested how to tackle them, Thanks to the session I realized I had it all in me, I just had to sharpen my skills.”, said Tasneem one such student, who has since been selected as a Sales Associate in Connect2India.

With SANKALP, FIIB is focusing on driving career success for students and pave a way to success that sound true to the tagline ‘Enter to learn, leave to succeed.’