From Classroom to Boardroom – Leaders of today challenge leaders of tomorrow

An institute’s alumni reflects its past, depicts its present and succours its future.


In the rapidly changing and competitive world out there, it’s important that students should be trained in advance to meet the challenges of corporate head on. Learning from seniors who can give them a clear perspective on decision making and conflict resolution in complex environments does exactly that. Our accomplished alumni acts as an effective role model and our students look up to them. FIIB’s alumni often joins hands with us to develop analytical, assessment, and judgment skills in their juniors that they can exercise throughout the course of any career they choose to pursue after MBA.


One such initiative was taken by Mr. Jitandra Singh, COO of eJOHRI who is an alumnus from the batch 1998-2000 of FIIB. He has experienced being a student at FIIB, to becoming a graduate, and heading an organization. His unique experiences help the students grasp the abstracts of the corporate life. During his visit, he said, “I am a strong advocate for my college in the corporate, the experiences here often contributed to my milestones in business. Since the past 18 years, I find ways to connect with my alma mater. I have always been ambitious and dreamed big, through this case study I want to meet my juniors who are like me; who don’t mind a bit of a challenge. eJOHRI is on a great trajectory and I am searching for some brilliant minds who could see the problems as opportunities. ”

eJOHRI is India’s omni-channel platform where a large number of jewellers showcase their designs online. By providing a common platform to several reputed jewellers of India, it opened up a new dimension in India’s ecommerce sector. Through a video case study on eJOHRI, Mr. Jitandra challenged the wits of the students to collect, assess, and apply relevant management concepts to solve the real-time problems of eJOHRI and suggest appropriate courses of action.


If you need to succeed in management, you need to learn as fast as the world is changing. Case analysis and brainstorming play a key role in shaping the students’ lateral thinking and creative approach to problem solving in this dynamic environment. They act as miniature versions of  problems that arise in the world of business thereby encouraging students to put the concepts they learn in textbooks into action. In his case study, Mr. Jitandra spoke about the uniqueness of the business model and gave a brief background of the organization and its competitors. Some of the questions posed by him to the aspiring managers were about the additional benefits that E-Johri can offer to its partner jewelers in order to increase their sign-ups on its platform, the talent requirements, and an organogram for the 2-year growth strategy?


24 students took the challenge and presented their solutions to a faculty selection panel. From those 13 were selected to the FIIB’s Sam Walton exchange program. “In most of the classes, after learning a core concept, we are encouraged to dive into numerous case studies and implement what we’ve learnt to solve the questions. I was super excited when I got to know that we are to work on eJOHRI challenge. Those were all real time issues and it’s a level up from what we are used to. I’ve spent hours researching, analyzing, and coming up with solutions that are relevant, scalable, and executable. I feel happy that I could work on such an opportunity.” said Ms. Anjali Srivastava who was among the students who got selected for the exchange program. “Some of them identified the constraints really well, they categorized the issues into functional areas, and suggested the outline to implement the solutions”, said Prof. Vidya Iyer, member of the faculty panel,  while appreciating the reasoning and brilliance students put into analyzing the case.


On providing additional benefits to the jeweler partners, students suggested organizing jewelry expo for the retailers to showcase their unique products to attract more signups on the platform. The best of the solutions were put together and the results were sent to Mr. Jitandra who responded “I am impressed that the students came up with the suggestion of jewelry expo. In fact we were in discussions regarding the expo internally, coming from students who probably are not familiar with the corporate, it is commendable. I liked the organogram as well. Now that they have a taste of what it feels to solve business problems, I suggest they should try even harder to better themselves. Also I look forward to challenge them more.”
We understand that even a diamond needs polishing, the students here have continuously proved their wits, hardwork and dedication towards building a successful  career. That is why FIIB – a serious, hard-working “no-hype” institute works hard to instill the right attitude and aptitude for managing businesses through multidimensional and brain teasing opportunities to better the best.

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