From Classroom to Playground: A Journey of Rediscovering my Spark

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. Being an active participant in sports as well as cultural events in school, and now in college, I always live by this Arabian proverb, which strongly communicates that fitness of both mind and body is essential to achieve the life’s desired targets. In fact, physical exercise has the power to lift our spirits up while making our mind active and robust. Sports and games refresh the participants exposing them to positive perspectives of everything while giving them the experience of agile body and mind. 

Even after having enough sanity to understand this Healthy Mind, Healthy Body equation, it gets hard sometimes to draft a perfect balance between academics and physical fitness. And, when you are aiming to be one from the brightest of MBAs, then submitting assignments and group projects often sound equivalent to ‘not giving yourself a break’, ‘worrying a lot about what if’s’, and ‘feeling exhausted rather than spirited’. But, thanks to our annual sports fest at FIIB – Ranbhoomi – that gave us an opportunity to drift away from such moments of stress and tiresome drudgery and soak up some fresh air of hope and happiness. 

This little detour from our usual college schedule gave us the opportunity to evoke the spirit and value of team-building and team-work in our young minds, as most of the games were played in groups. Be it Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Pool or, Chess– the Sports Committee at FIIB had planned every game meticulously and created a vibrant atmosphere of togetherness and community building among us students, helping us in regaining our strengths and energies. 

See the video of FIIB’s recently held annual sports fest-Ranbhoomi 2019

See the video of FIIB’s recently held annual sports fest-Ranbhoomi 2019

After the Ranbhoomi fest was over and we were sitting in a group and discussing how sports events work as a powerful tool in bringing people together and creating a sense of community, I really admired listening to one particular quote made by Ruma Saini, winner of the Pool Game at Ranbhoomi 2019, “The experience of Ranbhoomi was exciting and it multiplied many folds when I won the finals of Pool match in doubles as well as in singles. It was an unexpected victory as I haven’t done any practice but the constant support of my friends motivated me and helped me win the title of Pool Master”. 

Having had a great time at Ranbhoomi, and with my spirits really up, I couldn’t resist myself reflecting on why I stopped playing sports even after having a keen interest in doing so. I figured that as an MBA student I’ve had highly challenging lectures schedules followed by lots of assignments and other day-to-day college responsibilities which left me with no energy really to think about sports. “So maybe it’s because of exhaustion or maybe I was just being lazy to be honest?” Participating in Ranbhoomi actually forced me to rethink this and I realized that I need to stop giving myself these silly excuses in the name of a hectic-MBA-schedule. In the two days at Ranbhoomi, I personally felt very energetic and have successfully completed three of my pending tasks in that week itself. 

I also got to hear something similar from Rakshit, a first-year student at FIIB and the winner of the Table Tennis competition at Ranbhoomi, who now also believes that playing sports or doing any kind of physical activity is a key ingredient to managing stress. I believe that playing table tennis stimulates my mental alertness and concentration. It improves my reflexes and so when I heard about Ranbhoomi, it excited me. I really enjoyed playing the game and it really refreshed me,” he said. 

I have now come to strongly believe that playing sports can actually help one to balance a busy college schedule better with a fit body and an alert mind. Ranbhoomi 2019 was instrumental in making me realize this. I am sure that It not only provided us students a much-needed change from the tedious daily grind of an MBA, but also succeeded in seeding a better sense of work-life balance in all of us.