From Feeling Strange To Feeling Happy – Remembering My First Week at FIIB

My first week at FIIB? Certainly a very different experience than what is usually expected when you start your MBA College Life. And one and the only factor to blame for this stranger than imagined beginning to college life is Mr. Corona Monster! 

Honestly, in the beginning, I was very upset that I had to attend my MBA College virtually. But the way FIIB conducted its 3-day long Orientation Program online and made the whole experience a very pleasant one for all the students changed my perspective quite noticeably. 

I had always thought that PGDM is all about learning and preparing oneself to work in corporates. But in the first week itself I realized that it is as much about becoming a self-educating person as about learning in college. When I look back now, I can see myself being quite happy with my initial experience with the college. Right from the orientation where I learned so many things about the college which reinforced my faith, and pride, in selecting FIIB as a place for my professional growth. Knowing about Initiatives like B-Involved Program, SIP, CIP, Student Clubs, Innovation Centre, etc. have also delighted me a lot.

When my foundation classes started, I got a chance to interact with the Faculty members and trust me it has made an impression on me in many ways. Each faculty carries a different persona and a unique approach to teaching. Every faculty seemed full of innovative ideas and highly enthusiastic to help and support.

I never felt like I didn’t know them or was interacting with them the first time, that too virtually. I felt wonderful that I will get trained under their mentorship for the next two years. I can surely foresee an amazing future for myself.

I genuinely hope that this whole Corona issue gets a permanent fix real soon, and I resume college physically and experience everything in person.