From The Playground to the Board Room: Management Lessons From Sports

What do sports and management have in common? After the FIFA fever, there is a lot to draw from sports in the form of management lessons. As emerging managers of tomorrow, you can not only imbibe professional attributes from Football, but from several other popular games as well. Let us discuss how a few learnings from sports may help in enhancing managerial abilities or an individual:

Performance: – Excelling in sports is synonymous to showing excellence in performance. There are many elements of performance that can be incorporated into the life of a manager by observing or practicing a particular sport. Watching or participating in a good game can always boost up the performance of a manager by uplifting his spirits to the right level.

Drive and Passion: – These are two integrated elements connected to any kinds of game. Incorporating these key elements into managerial operations and day to day life can increase the performance by manifolds. It brings out the potential drive from within a person to perform better and keeps him motivated. For instance, simple athletics like running, lifting, stretching or jumping may be practiced to boost up the energy level of an individual. This in turn will add on more value to his overall performance at work.

Determination: – Sports in a large way can be instrumental in making a person more determined. It strengthens the will to work harder, makes concrete the desire to succeed. To do well in a particular game, a person has to practice for long hours at a stretch. The same kind of energy or determination may be incorporated to make a real time project more successful. When the levels of determination go up, then the path towards the goal becomes a lot smoother.

Discipline: – The spirit and essence of sports teaches an individual to become more disciplined- both in the personal as well as the professional life. Discipline is an essential element for any sportsperson; similarly, if there is lack of discipline at the workplace- fruitful results can’t be expected.

Walking the extra mile: – Sports teach a person to push the limits. It conditions the mind to demonstrate extra energy, put in hard work, develop more stamina and learn to adapt to changing situations. This is a useful lesson for any manager who wants to be at the top in terms of performance. Walking the extra mile always showers an individual with beautiful results.

Sports teaches us the values of winning and losing in life. This is an important factor for enabling learning and incorporating larger visions, for enhancing managerial abilities and also for bringing out the champion from within a person. Whether you want to play as an individual or in a team- the elements of sports can always teach a lesson or two!