Fundraising For Better Tomorrow: My MBA Social Internship in Healthcare Sector

Akshyesh Arya, 2020 Student of MBA- Marketing, FIIB

“Akshyesh was always active, regular, took interest in meeting the requirements of the project, and many times far exceeded the expectations laid out. He offered ideas that seemed interesting and useful, and proof of the pudding was that he executed these ideas, bringing gains to Amrit, in the long run.”

Dr. Suneeta Sethi, Founder, Amrit Foundation of India

Looking for a promising career ahead in the marketing sector, Akshyesh Arya enrolled in FIIB to complete his masters. Since his childhood, he is counted amongst those students who “see communication as my strength that undoubtedly encouraged me to present myself at places where most of my fellow mates weren’t able to.” Though, Akshyesh has already taken some of the must-have skills along with him, yet “I always find new reasons to enhance my skills at this place.”

My Social Internship Search 

Knowing that “I’m someone who is well-versed with people and their tone, I wanted to work for a foundation where my communication skills make the difference.” While searching for a perfect fit to complete his Social Internship Program, Akshyesh because of his straightforwardness got plenty of choices but none of those was actually fulfilling his quest. While most of his batchmates were happily accepting projects they’re getting selected for, “I was not convinced with the options I had and further planned to wait a bit more”. Luckily, he found one particular email interesting and immediately went to Placement Cell to know more about the internship opportunity. 

The Complete Skill Circle 

When Akshyesh got to know that his application at Amrit Foundation has been accepted, “it was one of the best days of my MBA life as I got selected in an organization where my skills were of perfect use.” According to Akshyesh, the work that has been assigned to each intern was different and yet was somehow linked. So, “we all work together and brainstorm a lot of strategies to link the NGO with its potential employers.” While most of his fellow intern-mates struggled with appointment dates, Akshyesh on the other hand, smartly liaised with as many experts as he could to raise the funds and sponsorships of all the on-going programs at the Amrit Foundation. Every time when someone came up with some new idea or strategy, “I practised not to deviate myself from the scheduled path,” he says. Be it’s his personal network or the names mentioned by the corporate mentor, “I simply reach out to all the experts in my list and many times exceeded the expectations laid out to me.

The Stage of Achievement

I still remember the time when my corporate mentor praised me to go the extra mile every day and came up with interesting ideas that complete the sponsorship requirements of the foundation.” After putting so many thoughts, strategies and skills, Akshyesh have proven himself to be one of those interns who have raised sponsorships to the tune of Rs. 20,000 and linked up Amrit with 7 to 8 potential employers. The only moment that “I couldn’t forget about the Social Internship is when I got to know that I’ve raised Rs. 20,000 within the time span of 14 days.” No experience has ever confirmed the blind faith I’ve on my skills prior to this one, and “that’s why I’m glad to have this Social Internship Program in my MBA.”