Getting Familiar With the Power of Influencer Marketing

Have you ever experienced the feeling of ‘living in the 90s’ even when you’re a part of millennial fam? Well, since the last one week, I have been trying my best to cope-up with this feeling. The process I believed was transparent is actually an elusive blend of marketing tactics. Scrolling my social media accounts for long hours and enjoying the content posted by some of my connections never appeared to be a tact of marketing to me. Instead, I always considered them usual stuff since people were sharing things they connected to and liked from their heart. 

But the whole dilemma of what is getting posted on the social media, individual- or brand-driven, finally proved to be a solvable mystery for me when I attended the National Marketing Conclave 2019 organised by FIIB on the theme of Engagement and Influencing–The New Marketing Cocktail”. That’s when I really got to understand the real buzz words of social media– Influencer Marketing, Engagement, Brand Collaborations, and whatnot. 

Earlier, I was of the opinion that advertising played a big role in making people purchase things. But, after listening to Mr. Rameet Arora, Chief Operating Officer–Hindustan Times (Digital Business), I deduced that brands also seek help from people who have a good fan-following or connections on their social media accounts aka influencers to start a conversation between brands and consumers or, just bring their products to the potential buyers’ attention. In a way, organizations nowadays utilize sensory marketing techniques to identify and understand the consumers’ emotions, explore and capitalize on the new markets, and grow brand loyalty.

Till now, I’d interpreted the collaborative approach equations of today’s modern marketing world. But how brands take on the human persona to communicate their value proposition was still a marketing puzzle in my mind. Kudos to my juniors, specifically Brand Rovers Team, who planned a creative activity-cum-competition “Branding Cocktail” in the second half of the Conclave, which helped me comprehend even this aspect of marketing. Through this fun-filled creative event, I got to know how brands first emphasised on creating unique ideas that touch the emotional edge of their potential consumers and they turn the whole concept into a meaningful campaign that conveys their brand identity and value propositions via different digital mediums.

I personally liked the ideology and campaign of team Dettol who bagged the second prize in the competition. With the given challenge of rebranding an existing brand, this team of four (Pallabi Medhi, Ayushi Jain, Aakash Mathew, and Diksha Gulati) picked ‘Dettol Siti’ as their brand and created a marketing campaign to influence the audience to wear smart and trendy air pollution masks. 

While the team Dettol influenced many with their creative ideas, team Achievers showcased modishly-captured marketing campaign for the brand Instock, an online apparel website. This team, comprising of Jatin Nanda, Simran Nagpal, Krishna Chandna, Khushbu Bhagia, and Zishan did a really great job from conceptualization to execution of their campaign.

Team Achievers after winning first prize in the Branding Cocktail Competition 

Being a marketing student, getting familiar with the ways of modern marketing and understanding the rise of influencer marketing was more than what I had bargained for from the National Marketing Conclave. I am really thankful to my Institute for picking up “Engagement and Influencer Marketing” as the theme of this year’s Conclave, and to all my juniors for taking initiative and conducting such a thoughtful event, which has helped me decipher and embrace the core elements of influencer marketing. 

To sum up, influencer marketing seemed to me almost as a must-have superfood that every brand needs to have as part of their marketing strategy to fuel their brand preference and increase their sales.