Goal Setting, Sankalp 2012.

It was Friday October morning. And for some reason October is not behaving true to its nature. It’s cold, windy and it’s already 19 degree centigrade. God knows what’s going to happen in December or January. I think till then we all will be frozen to death.
But still being a loyal and committed students of FIIB that we all are, we all woke up that morning. That was the second day of Sankalp Festival 2012. I already had my assessment done in the previous day, hence there was nothing really substantial that I was worried about that day. But having said that, I was quite anxious about what’s in store for today’s workshop.
Goal Setting was the name of the workshop that I was slotted for that day. It was going to be conducted by a British lady called Eliza Hilton. She is a founder of Flow India and she is been there for two years. She started her session by introducing herself and later on we played a fun game called Zip-Zap which she herself termed it as ‘the most stupid game’. In this game we can only pass a zip to the person standing next to you, whereas if you zap anyone you can do that to anybody except the person standing next to you and then you can also do buoying, where the person standing next to you can repel back your zip and then you have to zip or zap to anyone else except the person who buoyed you. And whosoever fails do perform, was out. Overall it was a fun game but at the end of the day we realised that the main motive was to make us more focussed on our “goal”, in this case which was not getting out of the game.
Further, she talked about various parameters of how a goal, whether its professional or personal can be achieved. She pointed out that a goal should be measurable and specific as it makes the goal more achievable and further if its achieved then you are obviously rewarded. She talked about w.w.w. which stands for w: What do you want? w: When do you want? w: Why do you want? She further told us that how nowadays network building has become such an important aspect in order to have a successful corporate life.
Later we played a ‘constructive’ game, where we were told to make a pole of 2 feet using a straw, tooth picks and a pack of blue tack in 10 minutes. It was a creative activity where a lot of brainstorming happened and every team put their best foot forward in order to make it a success. Though after so much effort we lost and the team with the highest pole measured around 26 inches. It was quite a competitive activity.
Later on she asked us to write down our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats on a given sheet of paper and asked us to discuss with others whether they agree or not. At the end we were asked to segment a circle into five parts namely; physical, mental/intellectual, career, social and family and give them as much space as it matters in our life at this point of time, and after that she asked us to draw another circle and asked to predict it after 10 years and how we would like to give them importance at that point of time.
Overall it was a new and learning experience for us as a student as most of us haven’t attended any workshop in our life. And Goal Setting is something that is extremely required in today’s competitive day and age. We are all in FIIB in order to succeed and achieve our dreams, and if those dreams and aspirations are not known to us then it is of no use to get up early in the morning every day and work hard. Every individual is ambitious to a certain level, all we need is the right direction and some ‘goal’ that can give us that adrenaline rush each and every day to work harder than others and do better than others.