Government Initiatives For Road Management

We all can remember a moment when experiencing a bumpy road and blaming government for that. Indian roads are solely managed by the government bodies without any private players Involved in this work. Past few years Delhi has seen a drastic change in the infrastructure, the government is been working on it and surely they will reach to a developed position in future.   Indian road network is administered by various government authorities, given India’s federal form of government. The table below describes the regulating bodies.

Road classification

Authority responsible

Total kilometer’s

(as of 2011)

National Highways Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (Central government) 70934
State Highways State governments (state’s public works department) 163898
Major and other district roads Local governments, panchayats and municipalities 25,77,396
Rural roads Local governments, panchayats and municipalities 14,33,577

In a 2010 report, KPMG – one of the world’s largest audit and advisory services company – noted marked improvements in Indian road network and logistics efficiencies in recent years. The report also identified the competitive challenges faced by India. Some findings of this report include:

  • The average road speed in India has increased to 30–40 kilometers per hour. The worldwide average road speed, which includes China, ranges between 60–80 kilometers per hour.
  • Four lane road network in India has increased to 7,000 kilometers. China, in comparison, has 34,000 kilometers of equivalent quality four lane roads.
  • Average surface freight costs have dropped to US$0.07 per kilometer. Japan, in comparison, has average surface freight costs of US$0.037 per kilometer.

The above data states that Indian government is working hard to increase the connectivity in both rural and urban areas. Loads of money is spend on building New road networks every year but there is no separate recognized body for the maintenance of these roads. Can we as a citizen can demand for a change in the system. How? As a Delhi resident  I have experienced government is active in their work just post-election every time to drain out votes from innocent citizens. Is that true?