Guest Lecture – Campus Hiring Made easy!

Mr. Sudhir Kataria from DayZeros, addressed the FIIB students during a  guest lecture at the campus. Mr. Kataria began the session by laying a strong foundation by guiding the students on how to interact with the corporates. Fetching a job in one’s dream company can always be challenging, however, it is important to present yourself well on your resume as well as during the interviews. Mr. Kataria engaged the students by asking them about their views, visions, and goals. He explained that during his interaction with students and professionals he noticed a casual approach towards the career development at the point where they were just at the gateway to contribute to the economic growth of the country. Mr. Kataria changed his approach mid-way and rather gave the students to a chance to speak about what they wanted to be and achieve, by creating a platform for video resumes! Students clearly understood that the primary purpose of his venture was to overcome one’s weakness and progress. Today is the age of visual content more than written one, so speaking out through a video resume will only be helpful. This will help in reaching the right campus. All in all the session was fruitful for all the students.

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