Guest Lecture: Varun Madan, Co-founder, Salad Days

Nothing feels more exciting than interacting with the industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs, especially through a guest lecture. Today, we interacted with Mr. Varun Madan, Co-Founder, Salad Days, during a Guest Lecture and learned about his entrepreneurial journey, passion for creativity, and brand building. Mr. Madan talked about his experiments with various startup models and why finally he settled on the concept of Salad Days.


PGDM Students were clearly intrigued to know about his work and passion which involves growing vegetable, sourcing various types of salad ingredients like cheese from abroad, motor-biking and helping people choose better meal options through salads. The lecture was organized by Udaan club to embrace and enhance student’s knowledge in entrepreneurship.  Mr. Madan had a significant experience in corporate and shared a real and a broader view with the students which young entrepreneurs may also face in the corporates. He included all the major areas such how to start up a business being an entrepreneur, he exclaimed, that if you have a very strong idea and one is very sure of it then stick to that idea and trust yourself.

Guest Lecture

What motivates an entrepreneur is earning profits. This is the major key of motivation, the most captivating part of  the whole session was , how do entrepreneurs raise funding and what challenges they face especially with opening a start-up in an industry which is highly volatile, full of competition and struggles with changing trend every 6 months.  He said, “It’s not just about ideas, It’s about making ideas happen” which intrigued students to know more about the real-life challenges one can expect to be a successful entrepreneur, as people may demotivate young entrepreneurs and many may manipulate to shut down the business but what makes you live a perfect life is not without a little risk, and trusting yourself and your business idea.

Needless to say, the students were thrilled to learn from his exceptionally exciting journey from being a drummer, a business developer, a traveler, a biker, and a kitchen gardening enthusiast.

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