Guide to crack the Campus Placements

In India, one of the major factors that constitutes a student’s selection of a B- School are the placement records of the college. Students, Parents and Counselors look for a B- school whose placement records are a 100% along with the average pay package being an important factor. Getting placed is the ultimate reward after studying 2 years in the PGDM program. Campus placements give ample opportunity for students to get placed. The entire campus placement process in a b school typically ranges from a duration of 2 to 3 months. Preparing for the placement process in any college is definitely not the same as preparing for an exam. Here are a few tips that can be followed to be well prepared and crack any interview at the first attempt:

Aptitude preparedness:

Most of the companies that come to the campus for recruitment conduct an aptitude test as the first round of interview. It is best not to undermine the importance of this test as this is the entry criterion for the next round of the placement process. Make it a habit of practicing sample aptitude tests so that you are prepared on the topic as well as you have a knack of completing the test in time.  Doing some background research on the company’s previous aptitude test papers will be extremely helpful.

Keeping in touch with the Career Management Cell:

The CMC of every college aims at 100% placements for the students groups. It organizes all the placement drives, so keeping in constant contact with them will keep you updated of the companies coming to the college and what you need to be prepared with. They can also provide you with guidance on what profile is best suited for you, frequently asked questions, what documents to carry during the process etc.

FIIB recruiters

Make your Resume count:

Your resume is the first thing that the recruiters notice to conclude on the suitability of your profile. It is important to know that recruiters have a large inventory of resume that they go through in a week so make sure your resume is crisp enough to convey your profile.

Research about the recruiter company:

Staying updated with the current market trends of the company along with a thorough research about the brand is very important. Read the recent market reports, financial predictions, product information etc. The company presentation on the campus is also very informative, so stay attentive.

The Interview:

The interview is aimed at assessing the candidate’s suitability of the candidate for the role. Stay confident and calm during the interview. Candidate’s clarity on his long term goals and interest in the field helps the recruiter to make his decision. Make sure you ask a few questions about the job profile, this shows your interest in the job role or the company.

Dress professionally:

Dress well and be neat when you go for the interview/placement presentation. Dressing neatly will help make a good first impression. Wear a formal attire and follow the etiquettes. Be calm and confident. And lastly, speak clearly.

Following these simple tips will lead to a good performance in the placement process and ensure a good campus placement.  FIIB has maintained an excellent placement record  since its inception. Read more about the placements here.




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