Gulzar Makes The Most Of Now And How!

Let us not miss out on what we have today by simply dreaming of what we can have tomorrow. Having a highly practical approach to life and a strong understanding of the corporate dynamics, Mr. Gulzar talks about his life before, during and after FIIB. Let us hear him out. 

Hello Gulzar Sir, please tell us about your experience with FIIB. 

“My experience with FIIB has been a memorable one. In my bachelor’s college I was more into spending time with friends and I had an easy-going attitude towards life and approached work according to my comfort. After stepping in at FIIB I sensed the silent yet must have discipline that every MBA student needs to inculcate in life as a preparation for the corporate world. In FIIB I made friends for life and met various people coming from different parts of India. I miss those days and thank the institute for making me what I am today”. 

How different is the corporate world? How is your so-far experience as a professional?

“What one learns in the book is just a warm up before stepping into the very challenging corporate world. I studied ‘Sales & Marketing’  and I can clearly differentiate between my perception as an MBA student back in those days for my domain and as a professional belonging to the same field now. I have discovered the several layers of ‘how work is done’ and growing with every passing day. I learnt the obvious requirement of keeping each and every department of an organization in  sync in order to reach the work goals. 

In college I just had a limited domain level understanding of things but the way I am being shaped now happens only when time and experience polishes your professionalism. This is an automatic process and dealing with different personalities in work life makes you evolve so. I have become more intuitive, proactive and have learnt how presence of mind, dedication to work and basic know-hows of each domain is required to survive corporate competition.”

What would you like to suggest to the current FIIB students to become better corporate personalities in the future?

“Please take the guest lectures seriously. The career related sessions that the institute conducts must be attended every time. The institute works really hard in getting the guests from the industry for sessions related to our careers and you all must make the most of such opportunities. The more you will be present in such sessions the better you will be able to face the challenges you will encounter during your initial days of corporate work life. During your MBA, your only exposure to the corporate world will be through these sessions and your internship. Take them very seriously. 

We learn about Excel, SPSS and other software during our stint at FIIB, so pay full attention to these to avoid getting embarrassed as a professional later. Keep in touch with your Alumni Community and expand your network as much as possible. Lastly, the COVID phase has humbled down all of us. So be practical in your expectations during such times and do not miss out on placements while waiting for ‘something better’ to come your way. Seize the day as you will get ample scope for improving and moving up in life even later. Be it a small scale or a big scale company, you will learn for sure. Good Luck!” 
This was Mr. Gulzar for you, advising you to make the most of a given opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming times. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in