Happy Equals Productive – 3Rs Why People@FIIB Go To Work With Smiles

We spend one-thirds of our life at work therefore happiness at work is an extremely important variable for productivity, efficiency, and overall quality of life. Moreover, it is proven that unhappiness restricts the creativity of employees as well. Unfortunately, most of the organizations don’t value workplace happiness at first place, and maybe that’s the reason why people only talk about competitive salaries, leave policies and targeted goals at corporate space.

At FIIB, things are different as we focus on the ‘human’ of ‘human resources’. FIIB values having a healthy work-life balance and creates the right environment for a happier workplace for its employees following three R’s of employee happiness: Respect, Recognize, and Refresh. Discover how these 3Rs contribute to happy employees at FIIB.

Respect: Practice mutual respect & encourage healthy communication


FIIB fosters an inclusive environment valuing diversity in people, ideas, and contributors. It doesn’t stop there, in fact by adapting respect as a core value, FIIB built a workplace where people respect each other, use positive criticism and feedback, and support each other for mutual growth. Working in an environment where you know you’re respected and understood affects the happiness quotient of the employee in a positive way.


  • Practising a culture of positive criticism helping each other to excel
  • Respecting each others’ time by clearly defining meeting objectives and agendas
  • Employee-led workshops for employees to share and develop skills of each other
  • Open-house discussions and Town hall meetings to find and discuss issues of all and implementing solutions provided by all
  • An inclusive hiring culture providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds
  • Providing training and development by reputed organizations and external resources

Recognize: Celebrate & reward employee accomplishments


It is in human nature that we feel happy when the smallest of our efforts gets recognized by others. Recognizing employees efforts and accomplishments motivates them to work harder and made them more confident about their contribution at the workplace.


  • Regular appraisals are just one end of the spectrum, FIIB has a culture of listening, acknowledging and appreciating.
  • Spot Awards are presented to employees for contributing noteworthily to the organisation, upholding the core values and behaviors of the organization.
  • Recognizing Best Faculty every year for their achievements
  • Appreciating and letting colleagues know that they’ve done well on various occasions the community gathers together.

Refresh: Set healthy work-life balance goals


Work-life balance is not just a buzzword at FIIB; FIIB understands that the spare hours employees get are crammed with various activities and long hours of commute to the office that is why employees get various opportunities to unwind, relax, and resume back energetically.

  • Employees at FIIB can opt for flexi-hours and work from home.
  • Changing the culture of being workaholics to work-a-frolics’,
  • FIIB organises fun activities and workshops like Yoga, mindfulness, calligraphy, design thinking etc every week to bust the daily stress of employees.
  • It’s a tradition at FIIB to take a break from work routine and gather every month to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

Creating a workplace where people can grow professionally and genuinely have fun along the way, FIIB takes care of its employees in the literal sense. Won’t believe us? Come check it out yourself!