Hard Work Always Pays Off


Walt Disney once said “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

I had dreams when I joined FIIB! I had aspirations of achieving something big, but yes I needed a support system, I needed a platform to bring out the potential from the inside of me. My dreams were at their budding stage when I joined FIIB. But the unique and practical curriculum offered by the Institute and the amazing seminars, meetings and study trips gave wings to my dreams. The quest for achieving something bigger was always there. And today, I can proudly say that FIIB has acted as that essential mentor, which has helped me in developing and transforming my dreams into goals and also in providing a respectable start to my career in Finance.

The strength of FIIB lies in its Faculty, their guidance and their 24*7 support to the students. Prof. Abhijit Roy, who I consider to be the guru of Finance, Prof. Vijayeta James who has been a support and of course has helped me in developing my presentation skills, Prof. F.M.A Khan, who mentored me during my Internship, Prof. Vinita Johorey who helped me in finding my inner self, Ms. Akshita Agrawal who helped me face the audience with the help of her public speaking sessions on different topics and every other person who has assisted me in achieving my set targets in life are remarkable personalities who brings out the inherent potential from the inside of a student.

Doing MBA has helped me adopt a practical approach to the subjects and also in excelling in the field of my interest. While many might think that in the uneasy situation of the economy, MBA students need to look for their jobs themselves; things are different here. The Corporate Relations Cell at FIIB helped me get multiple opportunities to sit for and finally secure a job at ONICRA- a few weeks within the start of the placement drive.
There are a lot of things that I learnt at FIIB. One of the major learnings for me is that- job search is not a onetime effort that you begin in your second year. It is a continuous process, which needs consistent effort. One needs to groom themselves continuously right from the Orientation week.
One needs to be totally focused and dedicated, be it for group projects, summer internship, assignments or examinations. And as far as companies are concerned we need to do our own research, make a list of the top 10 prospective companies based on the relevant job profiles and start applying. The preparation must be present, but the more important thing is that one must never lose hope on a single rejection because out there, there is definitely something waiting for us!
In the two year MBA program, a lot of students go through different degrees of anxiety and anticipation regarding placements. I feel fortunate and very excited to have been recruited into a good company, thanks to FIIB!