Have Faith in Yourself To Move From Being Hopeless To Hopeful – Advice from a Recent 2020 Graduate on how to Stay Persistent in your Job Hunt during the Times of Recession

Nothing is impossible and if you know your destination and have faith in your calling, then you can truly find hope in hopelessness.” – Pritanshi Aanand, HR Executive – Extramarks Pvt. Ltd. 

What does it take to stay hopeful in the times when there is hopelessness all around? To some, it sounds crazy and unattainable. But to some others, it is all about having a will and a passion to keep working at it. At a time when the pandemic is on the prowl,  and job opportunities so scarce that even the deserved are having self doubts, Pritanshi who was preparing for her job hunt was in no mood to settle for anything less than what she desired as an ideal job during the normal times. It was not an easy hunt for her by any means, and it made her use and realise the true value of what it means to be persistent.

My job search was a roller coaster ride filled up with many ups and downs. Choosing Human Resources as my career path was already a challenging decision and the current COVID-19 pandemic just exponentially increased the pressure on me to find a good job for myself. But despite all the twists and turns, I continued my search keeping faith in my beliefs and desires. And, thanks to those who believed in me and most importantly, thanks to me for not letting myself get overwhelmed by the situation – I eventually got an offer letter from Extramarks Pvt. Ltd. to join as an HR Executive. At that moment, I felt that nothing is impossible and if you know your destination and have faith in your calling, then you can truly find hope even in hopelessness!

On the lessons learnt during the journey

My job hunt taught me two major things, which when I look back makes me realise why every event in your life has some significance. 

  1. The first lesson is that every rejection acts as a stepping stone towards success. You just need to have faith in your skills and learn from your mistakes in the past.
  2. The second most important thing is you must never lose hope because you never know when the right opportunity may knock your door. You must be well prepared to grab that opportunity when it comes.

On ‘Persistence’ as a crucial trait for success

When asked about what extra benefit did being ‘persistent’ offer her during this journey, she said , “I can bet that everyone in the college Placement Cell still remembers me because I was counted amongst the few students who eagerly took up every single opportunity that came my way – be it a mock interview, or a session with a renowned instructor, or the on-campus career fairs – I was a part of it all.” 

She further added, “I don’t know what more can a graduating student ask for in such a challenging situation than a timely degree in hand and a desired job title and company name on the resume.”