Hey Siri…Will You Make Me Irrelevant?

From the moment we wake up to the time we reach work in the mornings, we create at least a 1000 data points, says Shweta Homji. Being on the receiving end of this data, Shweta has seen what AI and Data can do. Algorithms are evolving at an exponential rate every second and there’s no way human beings can keep up with that kind of growth.  In fact, ironically AI is replacing 75% of the people who coded it so much so that when you ask “Hey Siri…will you make me irrelevant?” it answers “I don’t Know.” In this context, there are several questions that eat away our brains.

Shweta Homji, CEO – Cartedo Corporation spoke at TEDxFIIB 2019.

Automation has already wiped out millions of jobs around the world, as AI gets smarter will humans continue to be pushed out of work? Will machines completely replace humans in the future workplace? 65% of the jobs of 2035 don’t exist yet, will skills developed today still be relevant 20 years hence? Will anything we learn now still be applicable in the Singularity that lies ahead? How do we prepare for this radically different future that we don’t understand? If you’re getting ready to launch your professional career or are a seasoned professional, you’ve thought about this reality. The real question worth asking is what you can do today to future-proof your success?

Listen to Shweta Homji while she highlights the core skills that the workforce of the future can develop today to not only future-proof careers but also thrive in the human-AI future that lies ahead.