How Did COVID-19 Affect The Different Domain Roles!

For the first time in world history, we all are in the same boat. It doesn’t matter whether it is a country with the finest medical facilities or a country with diverse religious beliefs, all are reeling under the tremor  that COVID-19 has brought. 

Lifestyles have changed. Approaches to life are different now and survival is the new intention of every human in unison in the current picture. There is no doubt that the outbreak of this virus has adversely impacted the working styles of the professionals no matter which domain they belong to. Business travels plans are getting shelved, different verticals of different organizations are losing their high and employee welfare has taken the front seat. 

In the coming paragraphs we will get to see how different domains are dealing with this unusual stress and how it has affected them. 

Human Resource

With the lockdown not only the offices are shut but also the recruitment processes have become frozen. COVID- 19 has delayed the joining dates of the selected candidates. With a very clear possibility of recession, the recruiters are now narrowing down the wide range of recruitment opportunities that they once provided before this fiasco.

Recruiters now have the responsibility to choose the best out of the lot for their respective organizations. Nothing lesser that the best will work because the organizations now have a disappointing profit and revenue graph. For now, different recruiters are just suggesting people to upskill themselves as much as possible so that they can become eligible for the new standards (that they would like their employees to have) that the organizations will reveal post the lockdown. The recruiters and the Human Resource Teams are now much more futuristic than they were ever before. 


The virtual world is a blessing and this is the only reason why digital marketing exists. No doubt that digital marketing has been one of the most effective forms of marketing and now it has become more of so. With everything at standstill, the virtual universe continues to exist. 

Big firms are now inclining more towards email marketing and through different social media platforms they are running campaigns. The potential of digital marketing was clearly understood earlier and now it has come to full bloom. So, for the marketing domain it is a bittersweet experience now. 

When it comes to the Business Developers for the overseas, several Indian organizations are hand tied at the moment. Nothing seems to work out in this Pandemic. So in this while the organizations primarily operating from India are taking effective measures for setting up their internal Customer Relation Database. The primary objective of Business Development firms is to serve clients first but now in this standstill they are getting opportunities to look after their own strengths and weaknesses more closely. 

With the field Sales, the managers are taking great care of the relationship that they share with their dealers and distributors over the call and digital platforms. This is more of a futuristic strategy so that the sales people can pick up their pace with the concerned business individuals once the lockdown comes to an end.


The retail industry is among the worst affected. It is in fact predicted that numerous retail stores will be wiped off soon in different countries if nations will not be able to develop vaccination to fight Corona. Even with e-commerce the tempo of sales has fallen down. On the other hand several retailers of home furnishings and child care have observed that the orders that they are getting are significantly much higher in number than what they were before the lockdown. 


The economy has lost its balance. The most solid market players are now at their wit’s end. Different financial institutions and bank branches are now closed due to safety reasons. Some banks are opening for short working hours only. The personal contacts between bank advisors and customers are currently challenged. Departments are working from home during this lockdown. For some time, several internal and external services will be available exclusively online. Some crucial paper based processes do not exist any longer. 

This Lockdown is definitely a period of great challenge for economies all over the world. But, one has to adjust as much as possible in this phase. So, developing new skills, brushing up knowledge and making a blueprint of strategies to handle the future are some of the ways that one professional must ace.