How Digital Footprints Effect Your Career

Your Digital Footprint

Digital footprints are the data, information, video, audio or anything that you post online. Your “digital footprints” tell a lot about you. Whether you are sharing personal information or speaking about your latest phone among your friend circle; or leaving comments on contemporary political issues or sports; your imprints are there to stay- and these will influence your career graph later!

What is a digital footprint?

With an open access to social media and other online platforms, the world spends a considerable amount of time of its daily lives on internet. Internet has made communication easier and this is one primary reason why a large chunk of the population including students has been engaged in various forms of online portfolio. Participating in online platforms leaves a permanent digital mark on the web whenever a user expresses an opinion; shares information, comments on a significant topic or simply gossips. This mark that is left is known as ‘digital footprint’ based on which, a user’s online image is reflected among other individuals. With the entire world plugged in and connected, these digital footprints are visible; they are there to stay and may have significant impact on a person’s future later on.

Information is viral

Information that you share online doesn’t remain confidential. This is also true for any opinion you have shared. It is important to control and also to manage the data, thoughts and opinions that you share on the internet, as a user. This information will stay there and will be accessed by other people. Thus, it is imperative that you put a check on your online behavior to ensure that you leave only positive trail-marks.

You can’t afford to go wrong when you are online

As an individual concerned about a progressive career, you will have to think from an applicant’s point of view. This means, there is a need to filter unwanted data or debris from your online accounts. Managing digital footprints and decorating your online image with what employers seek in their potential candidates, will increase your chances of getting hired quicker- as an elementary step towards building a robust career.

These are a few tips which you can incorporate in your online activities to enhance your employability:

  • Create a blog and write regularly. Post only original content that reflects your intellectual side. Research well for the best blogging practices and soon you will be recognized as an authentic blogger.
  • Build a professional profile and a strong network at LinkedIn. With many employers hiring through this platform, you can’t afford to go wrong; it is strongly recommended that you have an online presence on LinkedIn.
  • Be careful while using softcore social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t let anything go live that may discolor your online image. While you have the right to express your opinions, you mustn’t dishonor others.

Online platforms may be used for social networking as well as tools for boosting your career. It’s time you take careful steps for bringing out a meaningful profile of yourself.