How does one stay motivated while going through depression

In today’s world, while everyone wants to achieve their career goals, earn huge money, desire for perfect love, need fame, become successful and get acceptance from society, it’s easy to fall for traps that hinder our way to live our life which should be fulfilling and full of happiness. One such situation can be dealing with depression and anxiety.  

Depression is an illness that affects how we feel, think and act. I had to deal with depression at many stages of my life. It was losing of a loved one, failed relationship and getting unemployed. These situations had built up a lot of stress hangover, taking a toll on both my mental and physical health. I got completed disconnected with the vision and purpose of my life. I knew medication or therapy was not a permanent solution to my problem. At this difficult phase of my life, once I came across a TED video, where a Life Coach talked about Self-Motivation to overcome the tough circumstances in life and battle depression. It was a life-changing and turning point for me. I started seeing life from a different perspective, which I thought never existed.

I strongly belief Self-Motivation is a powerful force in the world that helped me deal with my life struggles with peace and patience. It taught me not to lose hope when we hit low in life and keep the show on. Self-determination and dedication to our vision at bad times is what matters the most. In order to get positive vibes, I let my negativity thoughts free away from me. I let go of toxic people from my life who never believed in my abilities and thought could not do any work that is worthy of discussion. I started socializing with people from different walks of life, who have done great in life. I soon realized that having passion and a goal is not enough. What matters most is “Do I have a sense of purpose?”. Our purpose is directly linked with “Why”. When I started understanding “Why”, I became more focused, felt more passionate, had clarity, and lived a value-based life. My life is now much more sorted, have fun in everything I do and enjoy small things in life. No matter what happens in my life now, I always remain optimistic and look for new opportunities.

In India and across the world, many people suffer from depression and find ways to deal with them but fail at an end and resort to medication and therapy which is quite ineffective. I never expected that a TED Talk can help me battle the biggest fear of my life i.e. Depression. This encouraged me to take a bold step to organize a first-ever TED event i.e. TEDxFIIB with the theme The Empowered “Self” at my alma mater Fortune Institute of International Business(FIIB) with the help of other people who shared the same mission as mine that every single people on this planet should believe in themselves and learn to deal with setbacks of life and keep moving forward in life to live an extraordinary life and leave back a legacy that every other person wants to follow. This can create a big impact and improve significantly the quality of human life at the local level if not at a global level. FIIB is a management institution that stands by its promise for all its stakeholders and empowers them to travel the road less traveled, face challenges to tap new opportunities and make a meaningful impact in this world.

                                                                                                    Akash Ranjan Patra, Alumni, 2016-18 Batch