One Tour, Many Contours – Second Year FIIB Students Recount Their GIE Experiences

An international study tour to a business destination allows the students not only to integrate their academic learning and goals in a globalized context but also provides them a highly experiential and enriching exposure on existing business practices and strategies relevant globally. It also helps them develop multicultural perspectives and understand distinct region-specific business trends and networks. 

At FIIB, when we asked our second-year students to reflect on their recently-concluded week-long study tour to Dubai under their GIE Program, they shared their highly varied and distinct experiences, challenges and learnings. Here is a glimpse of that, reflecting a highly positive shift in their personality, learning and cross-cultural competencies. 

Vartika Gupta 

(on Global Networking)

During this tour, I got the chance of interacting with different people that included the locals, the professors of the universities and the professionals who work in various industry sectors. Meeting with so many different individuals who are doing extremely well in their respective roles made me realise what one can do with a global networking opportunity. While everyone else in the group was busy discussing the fun elements of the trip, I keenly grabbed this opportunity to develop amazing social skills and networks. For me, the university visits were the most enriching as they pushed me to make new connections outside my comfort zone and extended a network of references and contacts.

“It was quite interesting to learn about the norms of acceptable social behaviour in different circumstances, extend a helping hand to people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.”

Neha Tiwary

(on Enhanced Cross-Cultural Perspective)

This trip was not just a fun getaway instead it was one of the best platforms for me to learn and explore new cultures, environments and ways of living. My week-long tour to UAE allowed me to think beyond a limited territory i.e. India, and in a way, convinced me that the rest of the world makes sense in terms of opportunities, lifestyle and day-to-day choices. It was very exciting to have international experience as it gave me an enhanced and new perspective to look at different things and inculcate them into my personality.

“I became more respectful and empathetic towards other cultures after having a thorough understanding of different social and economic issues in the UAE.”

Anivesha Rai 

(on Effective Learning)

The practical implementation of concepts is the most effective tool for learning. While learning in the classroom has provided me with a breadth of chances to apply my learnings in hypothetical situations, this trip, on the other hand, made me familiar with real-life scenarios. Even the heavily-loaded learning nuggets like ‘how an economy with hardly any resources can still develop so much’ and ‘how inter-cultural sensitivity can clarify stereotypes effectively’ was accompanied by fun and excitement.

“The practical implementation of concepts is the most effective tool for learning. This trip made me familiar with real-life scenarios.”

Rishi Motwani

(on Personal Development)

I was introduced to Global Immersion Experience (GIE) as a program designed primarily to provide students exposure to the challenges, risks and rewards of doing business internationally. And this visit has undoubtedly fostered in me a sense of independence, critical thinking and communication skills that one needs to stand out from the crowd. I was able to break language barriers and learn to communicate across borders. The exchange of cultural values during the tour allowed me to discover a more accommodating personality side of myself. The travel experience made me more independent and established a new set of values (to follow) and priorities (to set) in life.

“This visit has undoubtedly fostered in me independence, critical thinking and communication skills that one needs to stand out from the crowd.”