How has upskilling changed in 2020?

Upskilling is learning new skill sets for the betterment of our professional or personal life. Everything is evolving and upgrading itself for the future scenarios. With the change in time, learning methods do change as well, specifically for us as humans. We have evolved exponentially. Our learning methods too have changed drastically. It is all because we made so much progress in science and technology. When people are upskilled, it isn’t just the people themselves who benefit ⎯ but also businesses, the wider economy in which they operate, and society as a whole. So with the change in time we would like to explain to you how upskilling has changed in 2020:

  1. Seminars: We do have options for seminars to upgrade our skills. These seminars are conducted by subject experts. Seminars are perfect for people who want to take small sessions and want to interact with subject matter experts directly. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions related to the subject. Also these seminars are nowadays conducted using the latest technologies.They use different methods to project their presentations and other things related to the subject.
  2. Bootcamps/Workshops: Bootcamps/workshops are often mistaken as seminars. Though bootcamps are a kind of seminar, they are multi day sessions. So while a seminar may be only for a day or two, workshops are usually conducted over a period of at least 2-3 days. Also they have more than one subject matter expert. These workshops are more interactive and practical in approach. A seminar may sound like a lecture but a bootcamp/workshop feels like a practical class. Also group activities are given priorities in a bootcamp.
  3. Webinars: Webinars are advanced forms of seminars. It solves the problem of geographical barriers in upskilling. This came as a boon with the digital era especially in the times of global crisis like COVID-19. There is an increase in demand for webinars due to lockdowns in countries. This has not only helped individuals but also many corporations to keep their employees up to date with the new trends without spending hefty amounts for arranging seminars, boot camps etc. Webinars are the future of executive development programs.
  4. Online platforms: With the change in the technology, there came a lot of online platforms like LinkedIn learning, udemy, coursera, etc. Which provides a lot of courses. These are extremely helpful for upskilling and are budget friendly as well. You can literally learn anything today over such platforms. Obviously there are some exceptions. But still there is an ocean to dive in and explore your possible skills.
  5. Online college courses: Nowadays there are a lot of colleges and universities which are taking part in this digital revolution. They are making their own digital platforms to attract online learners. This gives opportunity to many learners who want to upgrade their skills from some particular college. Usually these courses are not on the higher side of cost. And one can comfortably take up these courses themselves without leaving their jobs