How to Battle the Emotional Implications of COVID-19 Together

The uncertainties around the extent of lockdown and the spread of Coronavirus is somewhere forcing people to think more seriously about ‘what the future will look like?’ – and with all the negativity going around – it has become essential for all of us to not only treasure what we have but also adopt a more positive & mindful approach towards living our lives. 

In a recent emotional wellness webinar conducted by FIIB’s Counselling Services Partner aka YourDost, students were advised to view situations, no matter how bad, from a constructive mindset and stay fully optimistic while doing so. In addition, students were also advised to focus on their positive emotions and spread whatever thoughts their mind generated during the activity with their family members, friends, and others in their wider social circle. 

If you are wondering, “what will this get you?” – it will give you more reasons to be happy as positive emotions spring happiness! 

During the ‘Speak Your Mind’ session in the webinar, that aimed to provide a friendly and non-judgemental space to students letting them directly share and express whatever they’re thinking about, one student came up with a very honest question that actually triggered other students to also share their feelings/concerns about this pandemic situation. That question was, “no matter how keenly I try to focus on my positive thoughts, there’s always a phase in my day that makes me feel I’m away from my friends, missing out on a lot of things, and eventually it all ends up in my mind as – this time will not come back!” Honestly, this Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown, even if one were to put it mildly, have really been absolutely annoying for a whole lot of people. 

While it is true that a world full of Coronavirus anxieties makes mindfulness & staying positive a challenge, there are several ways through which you can at least control your emotions and feel happy. Following are some ways shared by the YourDost counselling expert during the webinar to help students’ catch up with their lost connections and heal themselves from this crisis:

While the pandemic is likely to have both long- and short-term implications on our mental health, by staying positive and staying connected we can ensure that this is just a passing phase. If you need any suggestions regarding “how to stay positive and mindful during a pandemic?” then write to me directly at (ayushi.jain@fiib.edu.in) or seek one-on-one personalised counselling from FIIB’s Counselling Services Partner YourDost.