How To Become A TEDx Speaker [Inforgraphic]

For many of us, adding the tag of a speaker of TED talks may seem like an impossible dream to chase. But, fortunately, with the creation of TEDx, independently-organized TED-like conferences throughout the world, it is proving that many of us can now realise that dream. Being a TED speaker lets you not only spread the ideas that are worth spreading, but also lets you realise your dream of achieving breakout success. 

No, we’re not making it up for you! 

There are plenty of TED talks which began as TEDx talks and later were uploaded on the main TED site. You never know your luck in such a widespread connective “Ideas worth spreading” world. So how can you become a TEDx speaker share your life experiences with the world? Here are five strategies to follow.

While planning to turn your TEDx speaker dream into reality – follow these five strategies – and your great idea will definitely start spreading soon. Target your proposal with persistence and don’t be afraid to get turned down. Keep reminding yourself: my idea is worth sharing with others!