How to Impress the MBA Admissions Committee

With admissions process at beginning, most of the aspiring students are bound to feel that the process is pretty daunting, especially when you consider the acceptance rate of the leading business schools in India. It is easy to get influenced in what sounds good to you, or what seems impressive to your friends, co-workers or parents. However, it is important to consider your preparation and admissions materials from the admissions committee’s point of view.                                  Admissions at FIIB

Your essay is a major component of the application process of any MBA college. The transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume, and other application materials, the  essay gives the MBA admissions committee another important document to make their decision. A strong set of essay can improve your chances of getting an offer from the institute of your liking.

                Business schools will certainly be looking at your leadership qualities among other traits. The academics certainly play an important role along with your professional experience, but your personality traits, career goals, and your overall presentation will be your first impression on the admissions committee. Usage of appropriate communication style, presentation skills and professionalism help you address the admissions committee in a confident way. Be positive and enthusiastic when attending your interview. If you are keen to engage the interview team, they will also be happy to engage with you. This is the part of the process which will help you exhibit your strengths to the admissions committee.

Most of the Top Management Colleges in Delhi encourage students to experience the campus beforehand. Information Sessions are generally led by current college students, and include a tour of the college campus, answering of admissions related queries by Office of college Admissions staff members, and a class visit. This will help you understand the B school and perform better in the interviews.

Learning to market yourself to the admissions committee is a  skill that will take you to the selection. We wish you all the best in the admissions process.