How we got over our fear of Public Speaking with Cue Club

 “We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.”

If you haven’t ever performed on stage, it’s quite natural to feel a rush of fear taking over your heart. A lot of our classmates shared this with me (Varsha) and Rahul. We got to know that Cue Club had planned to organize a theatrical performance and there were roles open for audition. The initial excitement took us to the audition room to try out our hand at something new.

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A pleasant surprise- we got selected for the play ‘The Return of the Ramayana’. Well, we thought that this experience would be crucial for developing good communication skills, and that’s required in every phase of life. What we also got to know during our practices was the importance of hard work- each rehearsal, each retake taught us the importance of persistence and dedication. As we met new people, we got to learn the art of making new friends. Whenever Radhika Ma’am, our Executive Director gave valuable suggestions to any actor, I personally made sure to note them down to use them for my own performance. So, time passed and the day of our first performance approached.

Something that the two us hadn’t realized through the practices was our deep-rooted fear of public speaking. As we were to go out and perform on the stage, I could feel my throat choking up. At the same time, Rahul had always felt a slight hesitation to talk to new people, and this was about going in front of a large audience seated in a huge auditorium waiting for us to perform. “I thought to myself that I have to be an inspiration to someone out there, I want them to see me and feel motivated to be on stage the next time they get a chance,” shares Rahul.

With our respective public speaking fear and hesitation, we went on the stage and gave our first theatrical performance. After that, there has been no looking back!

Appreciation, confidence, and communication skills are just bi-products of this amazing learning experience. The more important things are a reflection on life and the overcoming of deep-rooted fears. This was absolutely impossible without the support and training provided to us by Cue Club, FIIB. Had they not believed in us, we would not have believed in ourselves.

  • Student Entry by Varsha and Rahul, Class of 2019