The HR Interact Meet 2016

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The Panel at HR interact meet’16


An ‘HR Interact Meet 2016’ was organised by the Cynergy Club of Fortune Institute of International Business. An initiative to provide a platform to understand the needs, requirements and expectations of the industry experts from the young and fresh talents who might be the prospective employees of the company and the hot jobs available in the market and skill sets required in management graduates for performing those jobs.

The topic for discussion was “Vision 2030- Preparing for the Future”, and the panel for discussion consisted of attendees such as Dr. U.V. Somayajulu, Mr. Nilanajan Mukherjee and Prof. Abhijit Roy. The tone for the session was set by Prof. Vidya Iyer, who highlighted various effective practices prevalent FIIB in the field of HR like mentoring, feedback session, customised development program, internal quality audit designed to add value to the ‘most valuable asset’-students. Professor Abhijit Roy, Sr. Professor – Finance, FIIB enlightened the students with some very insightful knowledge and few facts about the serious issues related to the human resource areas and management, such as the no. of employment in the leather industry was once considered to be the highest. But currently the rate has come down considerably. Unemployment rate varies between 33% to 50% in regions like Mexico and Spain. He led and concluded the whole discussion on the three main ideas like: Make in India and Start-Up India, Domestic Unemployment and International Unemployment, and Immigration Problem – Occurrence of Brexit.

With a deep perception of the situation shared by Prof. U.V. Somayajulu, Director of a Marketing Research Firm, showcased his understanding of the situation with the help of a presentation. He touched upon a variety of points which should be really taken into consideration and paid attention to. The discussion was further taken over by Nilanjan Mukherjee, HR Manager of Relaxo and other distinguished members of the industry sitting in the audience.

As a management student, it was quite an enriching experience for me to attend the HR Meet and learn about the changing HR practices and industries where there are huge employment opportunities like the Food Processing Industry, Tourism, and Healthcare as doctors and nurses available are not in adequate quantity in India, whereas US human resources in healthcare is twice as much as India. We also learnt about the emerging and promising areas of employment such as Green Economy and Big Data Analytics

The event saw an enthusiastic response from both the side- industry and students. It was worth attending and interacting with the industry experts who possess a knack of knowledge and experience. Overall, the “HR Interact Meet 2016” was an insightful and marked departure from the regular events in the history of FIIB.