I’m addicted to my phone

Do you check your phone as the first thing in the morning? Checking how many WhatsApp messages, how many FB likes-shares-comment and how many followers on Instagram? Or do you find yourself checking your phone multiple times in a short span , say 10 times in just 20 minutes. Clearly, you are addicted to your cellphone and moreover to social media platforms and your presence and image on these platforms.

We can’t deny the fact that Facebook and WhatsApp have become quite a huge part of our daily life. For some, FB is actually an alternative for TV news, catching up with friends, posting life events, making personal and professional announcements, or becoming an actual keyboard-warrior.  in fact, half of the social debates these take place on social media sites like Facebook or a micro blogging site like Twitter.

“Old habits die hard” andt with the advent of new engaging apps and games, it becoming seemingly impossible to stay away from one’s phone. And no particular age group is an exception to this. From a child who can quickly learn to unlock her parents’ phone to play a game to the grandparent who are the real WhatsApp warriors and begin their battle right in the morning with shooting multiple motivational and devotional messages.

The reason why we are becoming an addict to our phones, is probably the reason why we become addict to any other thing in the world, no prize for guessing: We enjoy it! Moreover some people claim that small pleasure like texting, getting recognition on social media or attention online gives the same pleasure we get when we either feel love, lust or even win something.


Though a few steps may help you curb these pangs. At home, a rule can be made where the internet connectivity can be reduced for a few hours especially when studying or spending time with the family. However the bigger challenge still remains with the children and youth who struggle to focus on studies and feel helpless when it comes to using their phones.

Mobile phone apps such as Moment and Cheecky let you actually monitor the time you spend on your phone including time spend on individual apps and even how many times did you unlock your phone. As for some, the number of time unlocking the phone has been as high as 15 times in 20 minutes. However, with the help of these Apps once can reduce the time they spend on their phones, and utilize it on something rather productive, and give quality time to your tasks, life and loved ones.