Importance of Sports in India

We always blame our government as well as the condition of our country. Why didn’t change ourselves & our narrow state of mind. That time has already gone when we use to say that the only successful professions are Doctors & Engineers. Now Sports has also becoming a Successful Career option. We can take example of our Rising Stars like Unmukt Chand, Vijender Singh, Sania Nehwal. These youngsters are doing very well in their careers & are quite famous worldwide. Today their names need no formal introduction.
Sports also have many other positive effects. It helps in inculcating values such as dedication, discipline & responsibility. Whenever we play sports our body becomes fitter. Also from our body hormones called endorphin are released. They are nature’s stress busters & induce a relaxing feeling.
We always play sports in teams. It helps us in developing values & skills like leadership, communication. These values remain always with us through our lives & help us in leading a good & competitive life. Sports also teach us how to take losses, learn from them & move on to achieve greater things in life. Sports also help us in keeping the immune system strong & hence help us in preventing any kind of disease from occurring. It helps us in making wise & quick decisions in other areas of life as well & also we develop self confidence.
If we want the condition of sports in our country to improve then we have to make sure that the school children should be given sports training from the schools itself. The school setting is one of the most effective areas for designing and implementing interventions to promote physical activity for school aged children. Physical activity can be included as part of school curricula, as part of physical education classes, during breaks (recess) within the school day, break out times during class or extracurricular activities before or after school hours. The critical component to integrating physical activity & sports into school hours is engaging with parents, teachers, students and school authorities.
There is often resistance to the idea of allocating time during the school day towards sports activities as there are concerns about the time taken away from academic subjects. If the curriculum is very full, working with teachers and school authorities can identify opportunities to incorporate time within the curriculum. Teachers & parents have to understand the value of sports in the lives of these children’s who holds a lot of potential.
A reform doesn’t come just in one day or few weeks. Whenever our players didn’t perform well in Olympics then while watching T.V & reading newspaper we just blame these players, Sports authority & of course Indian government. But did any of us blame our thinking or our attitude towards the Sports Education of those children’s who holds potential of becoming next sports star. They have to hide their Passion under the Narrow mind behavior of their elders.

Strategies for providing Sports education in schools

  • Diversify and increase the number of sports classes to include aerobic/endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination activities
  • Provide adequate funding for physical education and/or sports classes and appropriate physical activity facilities and training for physical education teachers.
  • From a policy perspective, devise or provide a national curriculum framework for physical education classes and address the development of a regulatory approach to make physical and/or sports education classes compulsory in schools.

If we want to change the Scenario of Indian Sports then we have to first change our thinking & Take a Step forward.


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  1. amit.srivastava says:

    nice blog

  2. santosh.ghildiyal says:

    Nicely written Ankit. I think sports in India is all about Glamour n Big money involved with it.. its all about selling the sports the more it expose the customers it has.. Everything from Top (Govt.) to bottom (school) had to be change so may be then we might find out solution towards it..!

  3. vinay says:

    A well written blog. since inception of our country sports has given “Legend” like i.e. dhyanchand, Milkha singh etc and many more and our country feels proud of them. so apart from study sport is also a integral part of our life

  4. Jankeshow pratap singh says:


  5. Ashwani Kumar says:

    yes….rightly said…..People must change their perceptions towards sports….n prioritize it.

  6. Rahul Choubey says:

    Really a nice blog with good message. I think the main problem in India with sports is that we prioritize career first. And sports doesn’t gurantee you a good career. Those who fails in sports, always remains a failure in our mind.

  7. Dhananjay Kuamar says:

    As said our parents, that padhoge likhoge banoge nawab…….kheloge kudige banoge kharab, its a wrong conception, today education is necessary at the same time sports in much more necessary..joyo jee bhar ke khelo kudo swast raho.

  8. Rakesh Roshan says:

    Youngsters need to see sports as a passion, parents need to see it as a potential career for their kids, and government need to see it beyond politics.

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