In Conversation with FIIB Alumnus- Mr Yogendra Goyal

I recently had a chance to converse with Mr Yogendra Goyal, FIIB Alumnus (Class of 1997) from the first graduating batch of FIIB. Currently, the Head for Sales in North America for WNS Global Services, Mr Yogendra shared how teaching is a continuous process for him and that the School never gets over! Read on for the entire story

Life teaches one thing: School never gets over

Learning is a never ending process. Life is the biggest school for anything. We may keep on learning things even after the school is over. The irony of life is that- school never gets over; we get to learn about new things, new techniques, and new skills throughout our lives. Schools teach us the theoretical part, but it is actually life where we get to understand the practical meanings of these theories and get to experiment with them.

I was very fortunate to be able to start my career right after I passed out from FIIB. Currently I am heading Sales for WNS Global Services, a US listed global company in North America, heading 30 worldwide centers with more than 25,000 employees. This achievement is indeed a gratifying one. Before joining WNS, I was involved with a number of national and international companies like EXL in several important positions and this journey has to continue.

I look back at my past, my career and my days of learning; I take pride in noticing that a number of things were taken care of very well at different phases of my life, which made it possible for me to be standing at this position. For instance, my experience of as a student of FIIB was a blessing in disguise! It not only enriched us with its unique program on International Business, International Laws and Marketing; but also imbibed in me the syrup of confidence that is needed to face the real world, stand out and take on the journey. It instilled in me the attitude of believing in myself no matter how adverse situations may become. Success is not about analyzing what happened yesterday; it is all about what is coming tomorrow. Unless we have the foresight, the vision and planning to prepare for the future, there is a chance that you may fail with a thud. FIIB gave me that vision, without which I think this is not where I would be standing now.

Now, when I look back at those golden days at FIIB, I miss our faculty, our classes and those cafeteria casual chit-chats with my friends. This is because, just like me, most of our batch mates are places internationally all over the globe at successful positions. Thanks to social media we have now managed to keep a track of each other, but this Alumni Sports Meet was something that really revived those memories. Meeting close pals after a decade or even more is something of a feeling which can only be felt.

Eighteen years since graduation, and the association continues. FIIB and its endeavors to keep in touch with the Alumni is highly appreciated by individuals like me who take pride in being from the first graduating batch of the college. FIIB laid the foundation in me to help me be who I am today, and a part of me will always be dedicated to the institute for what it did!