In Conversation with FIIB Alumnus Sandeep Sandhu

I had a great time talking to Mr Sandeep Sandhu, FIIB Alumnus Batch 1996-1998 as we talked about his time at FIIB and his journey since. Here is his story

FIIB was a Journey..

As a student in one of the first batches of the Institute, I remember walking into the college boundaries as a different person. Today, sixteen years later, I see how coming from an early batch, one carries on his shoulder the banner of a role model which demands an exemplary demonstration of a high standard of responsibility and leadership. This is challenging but motivating. It is like leading the troops from the front and all behind believing in you and following your footsteps.

16 years ago, I Entered FIIB at a ‘conception stage’ this means without any previous job experience. I hence looked at FIIB as an opportunity to discover individual strengths, weaknesses and areas of personal interest related to business management, without any bias of a past job experience in the industry. As I reflect, I know that this journey could be embarked upon only under the keen guidance and expertise of an experienced faculty at FIIB. This balanced learning curve over the two years of FIIB subsequently became a part and parcel of my daily thought and action process during all business activities.

FIIB nurtured in me the spirit of entrepreneurship and laid the foundation of having reasonable knowledge related all the areas of management. I also experienced how it is important to strike a balance between personal traits and professional qualities required by the particular job as each area demands a certain set of skills. It goes without saying that one should continue improving those qualities which have more relevance to that particular job. Some qualities which function in any area of life are determination, integrity, hard work, objectivity, team work, discipline and a good humor.

The experiences at FIIB remain alive in my memories and being able to connect with the Institute once again during the Alumni Awards and Alumni Sports Meet was amazing. More than the event the success of it was in the fact that it brought us all together and facilitated to connect ourselves better in future. Such initiatives are highly fruitful for the overall esteem of both FIIB and its brand ambassadors. In my opinion such large scale event should take place on an annual basis and the suggestion of themes should be open to the entire alumni. I look forward to being associated with FIIB forever, since its together we shall grow more!