In conversation with Tania Koshi (Meraki)

I recently had a chat with Tania Koshi from Team Weddings ‘R’ Us representing Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi which won the 2nd Place at Meraki 2014. Tania Koshi, who formed Weddings ‘R’ Us- a wedding planning and retail business, shared her journey from putting a plan together to winning Meraki. Excerpts from our conversation here..

How has Meraki been a learning experience for you?
Tania Koshi: Meraki forced me to make a business plan to begin with- something I was stalling for a long time! In the process of making the plan, I researched and understood the many aspects of wedding planning and opportunities that exist. That has been the biggest learning. I have spent sleepless night- adding, subtracting and rephrasing points in my presentation that would make the business plan exciting and lucrative for the Judging panel to invest in.

What has been the best part of Meraki so far?
Tania Koshi: It is a matter of personal pride that I have been able to represent FIIB at Meraki for its first time.

How has the feedback of judges helped you?
Tania Koshi: The feedback has given me more clarity in terms of which aspect of the business plan I want to focus on- wedding planning or retail. While I would do both, I would now think more about which one I would like to enter first and  then diversify into the other.

How did you feel when your name was announced in top 3?
Tania Koshi: It felt great! I dint expect to come so far and I feel elated and humbled at the same time. The process has been challenging and rewarding and I am grateful to everyone who helped me. A special mention for my faculty members. I don’t think I could have found a more encouraging set of teachers anywhere! Had they not encouraged me to participate I wonder if I would have even worked on my business plan.

Watch the entire conversation here