Incorporating innovative Teaching Methods

Steve Jobs rightly said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Areas such as business, governance, and technology are adopting absolutely innovative methods to function well with the growing demands of time. Hence it’s time innovation was brought into the classrooms too. There is a vast and promising scope for pedagogical innovations in management education. With the fast growing technologies and revolutionary social media trends it would be imperative for the new managers to be in sync and consider innovation in their ways of handling work.

Re-defining the classroom

Innovative Teaching Methods

Gone are the days of regular classroom teaching and term based examination. These days Management Education is all about setting new trends and Educational institutes are striving to stand out from other players of the field. Exemplary lectures and presentations are recorded and played in the classroom for students’ reference. Industry heads and leaders conduct guest lectures and interactive theme based sessions for the students to understand the demands of industry better. Learning through Case Studies is another way to teach students better decision making and analysis. Innovative assessment tools and ways such as the Psychometric Tests can help set a right expectation with the students about the kind of learning and skillset they require for the area of their interest.

Beyond the classroom

Speakers at BRICS CCI- E-Commerce Conclave

Learning is not limited or confined to the walls and a blackboard of the classroom, with the inclusions of Live Teaching Sessions and Webinars students can not only gain knowledge, exchange ideas rather learn the art of networking with people at different geographical locations. Involvement of management students in Industries’ Live Projects and Corporate Internships, Study Tours abroad and student exchange programs has set the learning bar quite high above. A student from India can now definitely exchange ideas with his counterpart in any part of the world, thanks to technology and internet. The new job opportunities are coming from areas which involve dealing with innovation and technology hence the management students need to be well prepared to manage a lot more than just management.

FIIB and Innovation

FIIB management and faculty not only deeply understand the link between integrating innovative teaching methods and success rather facilitates and promote innovation through its teaching curriculum and various engagements.