Increasing Spamming activities: A matter concern for Digital World

These day’s “Spamming “word used by digital experts to define an activity that spammers used to deliver an unsolicited bulk messages. With changing technology  dimensions spamming  has become a bigger concern for receivers, at present scenario spamming has spread to almost all type of media platform  like E-mail spamming  , blog spam , wiki spam,  online classified ads spam, social spam, television advertising spam , file sharing spam and many others.

These days spamming is getting more concentrate to online platform based media mainly because day by day more and more users are connecting with internet, as per Internet world stats survey  in Africa , Middle east and Latin America geographical region number of internet users has been  increased by 3606.7%, 2639.9%and 1310.8% respectively  in last decade only. With increasing number of internet user’s online platform has become a most cost effective way of spreading spam by spammers.

As per one survey carried out by trust wave, about 32 % of total world spams have been generated in Asia continent itself, followed by Europe continent with approx. 29% spam generation rate. According to Sophos Labs Spammiership League tables for April-June 2013, United States and Belarus are ranked as world first and second most spam relaying nations with 13.8% and 11.7% rate respectively, followed by India on sixth position with 3.6% rate. These figures clearly depict that spamming activities all over world is rising at faster rate and becoming a matter of concern for Internet regulatory authority and other internet industries based stakeholder.

At present there is a need of more strong and effective regulatory measure to control spamming activities at an international level, as with increase in spamming activities, Internet users exposure to various online fraud risk has also been increased, which will definitely  have an adverse effect on internet industries growth  as well as digital world expansion in nearby future.