India Black Outs

What a fine day I have in my college now it’s time to get something done something essential related to my work which will help me in improving my writing skill ,yes it’s time to have a blog posted, oh no what happen a loud noise and again we are in the lap of darkness , what to do with these frequent power cuts are we meant to live in these condition or we have choices to make , whom to blame if we blame Government they in return blame us of using heavy electrical equipment’s to satisfy our need. If we in reply show them the alternative ways to get this problem solved they cry for the bill to get stuck in the parliament and for this i would like to t hanks to our democratic government who always find ways to prove other party work a nonsense and threat to lives. As we have seen recently a big hue and cry over Nuke deal with U.S opposition party have presented a list of negative effects caused if this deal got signed.
Recently On July 30 and 31 of this year India suffered two power outages in as many days, both the largest in world history, more than 700 million people in India have been left without power in the world’s worst blackout of recent times, leading to fears that protests and even riots could follow if the country’s electricity supply continues to fail to meet growing demand. Twenty of India’s 28 states were hit by power cuts, along with the capital, New Delhi, when three of the country’s five electricity grids failed at lunchtime. Traffic lights went out, causing jams in New Delhi, Kolkata and other cities. Surgical operations were cancelled across the country, with nurses at one hospital just outside Delhi having to operate life-saving equipment manually when back-up generators failed. Elsewhere, electric crematoriums stopped Operating, some with bodies left half burnt before wood was brought in to stoke the furnaces. As Delhiites sweated in 89% humidity and drivers honked their horns even more impatiently than usual, in West Bengal the power cut left hundreds of miners trapped underground for hours when their lifts broke down. All the state’s government workers were sent home after the chief minister announced it would take 10 to 12 hours for the power to return. The power minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, blamed the latest collapse on states taking more than their allotted share of electricity. “Everyone overdraws from the grid. Just this morning I held a meeting with power officials from the states and I gave directions that states that overdraw should be punished. We have given instructions that their power supply could be cut,” he said.
See, the minister have also started blaming other states for these problems as they are refusing to take responsibility on whom now we depends if our representative backs outs when we need them most.
Sometimes I think of going into the era where we used to live w/o electricity the day before the Benjamin Franklin have born, as recent data prove my saying, “Number of Indians with no access to electricity is 404 million which is 33% of the population. According to expert saying we should move from our conventional source of energy to non-conventional source of energy as the reserve of coal left with us can only serve us for only 570 years after that?

Now it’s time really think of applying energy efficiency method to avoid going to ancient age and this can only be achieved through a word “Sustainability” a very beautiful word with a deep insight to it. So what are the options available to us and do we really apply them in to our day to day activity.
Guys here is the platform come up with your out of the box ideas and have a deep conversation with us, we are here for you so start posting NOW.
God Bless You, God Bless INDIA.

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