India facing abject poverty

It has been seen that India is rich country inhabited by the poor. Long year back British said India is rich bit Indian are poor.  Still after more than 50 years of Independence India still has the world`s largest number of poor people in a single country. Even today we can see abject poverty in India. India is rich in material and human resources, but has not been property used and exploited so far. To give you some context, about 54% of the population of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) lives in slums. The total population of Mumbai is about 12 million people. That means that the majority of people in this bustling and cosmopolitan city live in unimaginable poverty.
India accounts for one-third of the world poor, people living on less than USD 1.25 (about Rs 65) per day, a World Bank report on poverty has said. Although, the main emphasis of our five year plans has been -poverty eradication, modernization of the economy and industry self-reliance. Since 1972 poverty has been defined on the basis of money required to buy food worth 2100 calories in urban and 2400 calories in rural. In June 2010, a government committee headed by NC Saxena estimated 50% Indians were poor as against Planning Commission`s 2006 figure of 28.5%
The poor are unable to afford even basic need of life. Over 80% of income of the poor is spent on food and the expenditure on shelter is also very high. The remainder is too low to meet their demands of clothing, health, education, etc. The problem of economic inequality and improper distribution of national income resulted rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Moreover the growth rate of food production has barely kept ahead of the growth of our population. Unemployment is increasing day-by-day.
In country like India, with a population of more than 1.3 billion people (accounts for 17.5% of the world’s population) and population growth rate of about 1.5%. The poverty eradication programme is bound to be hard and long drawn. This issue causes more pain today, and is also the biggest threat to a person’s future. Effective planning and its implementation is the only way to eradicate abject poverty.


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  1. Niteesh says:

    Very nicely compiled but in other hand u should have elaborated the effective plannings and ways to implement…. only because all the above datas can be collected easily but people want to know your opinion about poverty and your points on planning and implementation….. over all Gud…. 🙂

  2. Rohan Ranjan says:

    To imrpove the situation we need some good political leaders. Poor policies and corruption has cost a huge loss to India in recent years…

  3. ajay.singh says:

    Everything is covered regarding Abject Poverty in this one article. Nice work..!! Keep it up.

  4. ravi dutta says:

    well i can say its a nice presentation i mean the main focus u presented about india poverty which one of the major problem in india

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