Industrial visit experience at Mother Dairy

As management students, we need to know about different industries, to keep ourselves updated about how they function, how they manage their business operations, how do they manufacture, price, and promote them after distribution, how they identify and meet their customers’ needs and demand etc., and Industrial visits serve as easy means to understand all this.

Mother Dairy- Industry Visit
We recently visited Mother Dairy at Patparganj, Delhi. A company that basically sells milk and milk products to customers. They are presently the market leader in Delhi NCR. We met the Senior Executive of Mother Dairy Plant, who introduced us to their company and the competition in the industry. He explained their entire product line, the reason for pricing for each product, trucks helping in transferring milk from plant to retails shops, advertisements on various print media etc. We learned how their plant works every day, how the maintenance work is done if damages are found, how trucks help milk get distributed in the market etc. We also got an opportunity to interact with the other visitors from various colleges. Then we were taken to see the live plant operation at Mother Dairy, where they demonstrated how the employees do laboratory tests to determine the purity of the milk. Finally, they talked about Mother Dairy’s future plans to expand their business beyond Delhi NCR and how they are going to compete better with their competitors. For a sustainable future, they are using solar panels to save electricity. They also have coin based milk ATMs to protect the environment from pollution.
Learning was immense for all of us after the industrial visit was over but I personally got an overall idea how Mother Dairy manages its brand, maintain good relations with the retailers, and how they estimate consumers’ needs and wants from time to time. I personally felt, many Operation Management principles which we are studying, were being used by Mother Dairy for smooth plant operation.
I hope I get more of industrial visit exposure in future, to know about some more industries.
Of course at the end we were given the customary Mother Dairy Ice Cream!

– Student Entry from Akash Patra