Innovative Learning: Marketing Parliament

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. At FIIB we offer a marketing specialization in which students explores critical marketing communication techniques, and media, giving a special emphasis to marketing communications. Various student clubs at FIIB keep organizing workshops and activities to provide students with exposure and team work experience.

The “Marketing Parliament” activity was successfully conducted by the Brand Rovers Club, the Marketing Club at FIIB. Student entries were invited through promotions in classrooms and mailers. The entire activity was conducted in three rounds. The first round was the “Beginner Round” in which students had to speak on a topic given to them. This round was conducted in order to reduce the anxiety of the students and to make them comfortable with the proceeding of the parliament. There were no eliminations in this particular round.

marketing parliament


The second round was the “Eliminator Round”, in this round topic for debate was given on the spot and a healthy discussion was put up by the students. This was the eliminator round so only four best students made to the next round which was the “Final Round”. This round had a very recent topic for debate, “The Impact on Indian Telecom Sector with the Launch of Reliance Jio”. All four students put their best efforts to debate. Finally, two deserving winners were selected by judges as Winner and Runner-up. The participants were judged by the panel which included Dr. Nimit Gupta, Dr. Sudhir Rana and Prof. Utkarsh, faculty members at FIIB. The participants were judged on the basis of four factors clarity and understanding of the topic, delivery of speech, articulation and presentation.

The “Marketing Parliament” activity was a fun and knowledgeable one. The participant’s knowledge was refreshed and they really enjoyed being a part of this activity and they also took some really beneficial and important advice from our judges along with them.

Student entry by
-Deepak Rana , Siddharth Karan
Co-heads, Brand Rovers Club, FIIB