Inquisitiveness, Agility and Adaptability: Key Traits Recruiters Are Looking For In Employees In The Post Covid World

It is said that it is not the strongest who survive in the challenging times but the ones who are the most adaptable. The pandemic has irritated and agitated the entire world. Be it an individual, a family or a company from any industry sector, each one of them have found the going tough. Even in the corporate sector, we find companies going through major business rethinking and rationalization processes to cope with the current situation and emerge stronger, even if bruised, in the post COVID world. 

In this business rethinking process, critical HR aspects like employee right sizing and right skilling have become centrestage issues. Emphasizing and keeping the focus on the ‘right skilling’ part, and what an organization is looking for in a potential management graduate employee in the post COVID phase, FIIB had recently organized its Virtual Round Table with HR Heads 2.0. Here are the views expressed by the HR Heads of some prominent companies who took part in the roundtable: 

Mr. Ajay Sharma Head – HR , Lixil Window Systems Pvt Ltd. said that “Adapting to the virtual environment is not easy. This is not only a ‘difficult’ time but also a ‘different’ time where the business world has very different expectations. The post Corona phase will demand a lot more from the candidates than the usual. Hiring a subject matter expert will not be the only need of the hour but the candidate must also know how the ‘entire’ business runs. Candidates actually miss out on observing how a business runs. Be it a US, China or India based organization, they all spend a lot of time on open softwares like Excel. Nowadays, the demand for manpower has drastically reduced so it is imperative that one has to be completely excellent in knowing how a particular software works. The confidence of the candidate that “you  hire me and I will help you achieve your goals” intrigues us. That is our new need.”

Ms. Neha Sehgal – DGM & Head HR  TTB HQ, SRF Ltd told us that “Customer advocacy, technical bent of mind, aspirations and flexibility is the new and raw demand that we have. We as an organization have presence across the nations, so in case if we are required to send  employees to some other locations, then the employee must be ready and comfortable to do so. Also, we prefer to hire candidates with innate capabilities and communication skills (one who can put across his/her point clearly) to address the major requirements of our organization.”

Ms. Nupur Jain Karthik, Talent Acquisition Lead S&P Global told us all that “Learning agility, emotional intelligence and the readiness to learn from other’s perceptions within or beyond the organization are employee traits that are most in demand. The real challenge starts when a person becomes a part of the organization. Often an employee keeps the challenges and hardships to the self. This way, s/he suffers and locks out the recruiting team or the office mentor from helping him/her. Being vocal solves a lot of issues. One must be proactive, and  confident enough to ask for help from the recruiting team. Lastly, the ones who step into the shoes of the internal and external clients are the desirable ones in my organization.”

Ms. Suchita Dantre – Lead HR COE – HT Media told that “We are looking for people who are inquisitive enough to ask questions. Agility in terms of mental orientation and in learning new things is a great green flag for the candidates in our organization. Above all, the attitude of a candidate is the ultimate showstopper, as the attitude makes all the difference. One has to be proactive and be able to reach out to people and network with them, especially in the current pandemic’s work-from-home phase. This will automatically help one to learn better and will increase his/her eligibility as well”

So, with such great suggestions and ideas from these highly experienced HR honchos, it is time for you to gear up for the future which is both promising but competitive at the same time. Not leaving any stone unturned in your efforts to acquire these skills and personality traits, and following the FIIB motto of ‘Never Stop Learning’, will ensure that you match up to any company’s HR requirements.