Internship at at Birla Sun Life Insurance

For any MBA student, the interim internship is one of the most crucial aspects as it teaches us how the industry works from a first-hand view. For most of us, this might be the first glance into the corporate world. An internship is usually seen as one’s ability to work in a specific function under proper guidance from a mentor in the firm.

When I joined the Fortune Institute of International Business, the first thing I noticed was the previous marks on the notice board regarding their CIP reports. At that point, I did not realize what an important role the experience and the skills I would learn in the 3 months’ internship would play.

When the process started, I was nervous about whether I will get a good company or not. But thankfully, I got through the Birla Sun life’s interview and got selected. I was informed that the work would mostly revolve around portfolio management. As an Investment banking aspirant, the knowledge that I would acquire and the skills that I would develop in this role would help me immensely in the future.

One of the things I have heard most about Birla is their brilliant and helpful work culture which is something I would like to be a part of. Since this would be my first ever “job”, I am mostly excited to be given some real responsibilities other than the house chores I am used to. I am also excited for the training which would revolve around how analysis is done and decipher the best instruments to invest it. On top of that, I am eager to find out how the work is carried out in these large financial institutions. I do however hope that I get a nice workspace which is free from disturbances and also allows me a space for creativity.

I do have to mention that I detest wearing formals and would prefer to be in pajamas all day. So, I do have a bitter thought in my mind regarding that but it is a most welcome change. I do have apprehension regarding my travel route and the timings but I am willing to work through those. Not to forget, I would prefer to see familiar faces around me but I have realized that I cannot have my way everywhere.

Internship at Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited

Aishwarya Bajpayee

Class of  2018