Is it Really Hard to Get a Job?

A student who has just passed out of college or is planning to appear for the placement assessment knows how difficult it is to find a job of their own choice. Sending out your resume to a number of companies and the probability of getting selected it is just 1%.

But is this really luck that gives you an edge over others or something else, which makes you stand apart from the crowd?

The dilemma continues! To find out what actually happens, the FIIB Leadership Program (FLP) team invited Mr Vikram Anand- Marketing head- Cargill Foods to share some insights on how to get hold of a promising job in this competitive era.

He gave out some useful insights on how to stand out among the crowd, with so many resumes loaded with similar skills and attributes flooding the job market, what are those few things which can certainly help in moulding you as a BRAND!!

Mr Anand told that the world has changed in the recent years, the recruitment industry has evolved, and now hiring managers have started to pick students on board from the various online platforms.

He suggested a few areas to lay more focus on:

FACEBOOK: Every person in today’s world is on Facebook. Even recruiters today first check out our Facebook profiles before deciding any further. Facebook has now become a tool for getting hired, so it is important to improve and maintain your Facebook Profile in such a way that it reflects your interest area and presents you as a potential candidate.

LINKEDIN: LinkedIn has become a popular tool for professionals in the industry. They interact & make connections and even hire people through the LinkedIn platform. Creating your LinkedIn profile and displaying showing your projects is a good way to get hired.


There are 4 principles for career distinction-

  •  Stand out, Stand for something
  •  Be your own boss
  •  Forget the ladder
  •  Build your Brand

How we as candidates can build our own brand?

  1. Research to be treated as a competitive advantage.
  2. Structure your research plan-
    • Identify the industry you want to be in
    • Identify the good companies in that industry
    • Who in that company has the ability to hire you
    • Contact details
    • Find general trends in that industry.
  3.  Create your online portfolio
    • Gives a glimpse of your personality
    • Your website needs to have
     Your Contact information
     Professional headline
     Brief bio
     Your resume
     Professional summary
     Samples of your work, blogs etc.

To get hired is the most important aspect, and to sustain is another! But for giving a kick-start to your journey you must make yourself equipped with the skills and knowledge to make you stand apart from the rest.

The 2nd Corporate session of FLP Programme gave us many useful insights and I am sure each of us got inspired by this session with Mr Anand and will work upon improving our BRAND!