It does not matter where you come from, what matters is where you want to be!

The best combination of success is honesty and team responsibility, and the best deed is ‘faith in self’. Sanjay Kalirona tells us how…

Faith is a beautiful thing. It makes things possible, especially when the faith is in the self, one achieves great heights of success. Mr.Sanjay Kalirona, despite  coming from a background that is nowhere related to business dynamics, walked up to be the CEO of Gizmore and Tyoon. 

His Journey with FIIB:

“It was wonderful to be a part of FIIB and it continues to be so. I have every reason to be grateful to the institution for making me who I am today. They say no matter how tall a tree is if the roots are not grounded enough any low-velocity storm can wipe it off the soil. I have a success story and this was possible only because FIIB stood by me throughout those two years and helped me to stand strong after every turmoil that I had regarding studies, myself, or during choosing a career.”

Well, Mr. Sanjay expressed that because he was a hardcore science student, he was not really aware of management until he decided to take admission in FIIB. He says “I knew a lot about science and was almost sure to have a career in it, but something in me pushed me to take up management at FIIB. There I learnt the ABCs of business and here I am in a reputed position, still carrying the lessons that I learnt in FIIB to maintain my professionalism better than my competitors. I am not only a better human today  but also I have the ability to face any trouble or unfavourable situation way better than earlier.” 

Mr. Sanjay has seen his father taking active participation in bringing out the best results of his hard work both on a metaphorical and on a tangible note. He says “My father is a farmer and has no direct connection with the cutthroat world of business. When I see myself today, I witness a successful businessman who was expected to walk the same path as his father did only because people did not expect me to have a strong mindset and business acumen. But a farmer’s son can be a successful businessman too and how”.

Early Corporate Life 

Talking a bit about his career, he says that “It was 1999 when I had joined Intex as a Sales ExecutiveIt was very challenging and exciting to travel and to meet new people, to discover different mindsets and to pull them in my favor to invest in Intex. Time passed and I learnt the importance of different techniques and approaches of selling a product. Today, I am the CEO at Gizmore and Tyoon and with god’s grace, I am doing good.”

He is graceful and handles challenges in an upright way “Well, there will be tough times in life and they will make you doubt your worth. Let these thoughts slide away as the mind always plays tricks with you during tough times. Just make sure you are honest even during your lowest phase and listen to others carefully before making a decision. Build relations and once you are a team lead, take every responsibility for your teammates well. Remember that we are one and this is the greatest lesson in life. Next is that one must take risks to grow. Simple as that. I wish everyone a bright future ahead. Never stop learning and always be grateful for what you have.”
This was Mr.Kalirona for you, motivating you in the best ways possible while making you aware of the basics that will take your career to the next level. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in