It was all about Patience and Perseverence

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
In my case that significant step was getting associated with FIIB as a management student two years back. Like many other youngsters of my age, I was a little apprehensive about the need of Management Education in the Corporate Life at first, but as time elapsed, I was glad that I had enrolled myself in the 2-year MBA program at FIIB.
Life at FIIB groomed me into a matured and market-ready professional with essential knowledge from fields like Finance, Marketing and HR. I would say that each of these fields played a crucial part in adding something important to my career growth. For instance, I was a nervous lad at first, with a stage fear and shades of an introvert personality. But various kinds of FIIB programs like Toastmasters, Conclaves and Seminars helped me to overcome this fear and grow into a more confident person. Even the selected classroom programs, where we were required to speak and make presentations before the entire class, were very helpful in boosting my presentation skills and confidence. The FIIB Faculty instilled in me, the art of meaningful communication through the out of the box classroom programs.

I was also elected as the Marketing Club Co-Head, which provided me the opportunity to learn how to organize events, hold conferences and enhanced my skills on how to deal with people. In short, FIIB’s contribution towards my personality development is immense and thanking the FIIB and Staff (specially the CRC team) wouldn’t be enough!

 “Every diamond needs to be cut and polished before it becomes the most expensive stone.”

I always remembered and believed in this saying while preparing hard for the battle of the interviews that was about to come up. During a month long process of learning, grooming, practicing and correcting myself again and again, my mind and heart were going through two contradictory phases of both stress and patience at the same time. There were times when I had to wait for 9 hours for a 30 minute HR interview, there were times when I had to wait a week to hear the results; every minute of that week appeared to be an hour and every hour a day longer. The stress was sufficient to make any one go berserk; but I was determined not to give up. The three words, which I had learnt at FIIB always kept me going: Believe in yourself.

I now believe that the key to cracking an interview is taking control of it and leading it to where you want it to go. This is like already winning the battle by 80%. I have learnt that this comes only through preparation and confidence. Further I think it is important to always be presentable while in an interview. Without the support of the FIIB Business Communication Department and learnings I gathered from the FLP (FIIB Leadership Program), it was nearly impossible. It is only in these sessions, I learnt how to dress, talk, greet people, and walk in the right manner. The importance of body language emphasized by the Corporate Relations Team was also of great advantage. All I can suggest is that it is extremely crucial to maintain your energy, and to be truthful with the answers and show interest towards joining the job.

It feels really great to be one of the first few from our batch to be placed and that too with an organization like Ameriprise Financials. My heartiest vote of thanks goes to everyone at FIIB who have influenced me to become what I have been able to become today!