Joint Venture of a Different Kind – An Introvert Bonding with an Extrovert

Prateek Upadhyay, Assistant Manager, Strategic HR – Udaan India, Batch 2014-16 

Ritika Arora, Data Researcher, Market Intelligence – S&P Global, Batch 2014-16 

Ritika and Prateek are one of the few fortunate people who along with finding their career paths, found true love at FIIB. Visiting the campus to relive the memories that they built during the 2 years, they spent here, Prateek and Ritika have always had clear goals for their career and life. One, an extrovert and the other, an introvert, here’s the story of how they worked together to create a synergy.

“FIIB is definitely a place which has guided us towards our career paths. I strongly believe that the confidence and business acumen developed in us has been imparted by the teaching methodology at FIIB. Not only professionally, FIIB played a very important role in our personal lives. After all we found each other in the campus itself.”


Prateek’s first week at FIIB had been tough and he had no idea how to interact with everyone. “I had done my bachelor’s degree from correspondence and I had minimal interactions through college but at FIIB, you had to be proactive and participate. In the first week’s ice-breaker sessions, I met a chirpy and smart girl who had all the answers, we were put in the same group for the activities of the day and I, an introvert found my right partner as she stayed in the front while I silently worked in the background. I had no idea it was all going to change in just a few months. When I look back on those days, I smile because those 2 years at FIIB – there was something new we learned every day and those are the lessons which we still carry, in our work, and in our daily lives.”

The Turning Point

Life’s turning points come at the most unexpected times as Prateek and Ritika’s experienced during one lecture at FIIB. In the lecture, the students were asked to come and present their assignments. “I remember sneaking out of the class because I feared public speaking. “Prateek is very smart, and a great person. I realized that it’s his hesitation, which is stopping him from reaching the heights he deserves, and as a good friend of his, I decided to help.” That was the turning point in both of their lives, they identified each others’ strengths and weaknesses to make a game plan that’ll help them to embark on their corporate journey.  

“The next few months were a whirlwind, once we started working together, there was no looking back” In the next term, Prateek ended up being in the top 10 of the batch. “Prateek and I started participating in a lot of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that boosted our employability skills, we even took a spanish course to add to our arsenal. Prof. Deepika Tuli guided us to engage with like minded people and enhance our networks by being more interactive.”

The Journey and Beyond

From being unsure about careers to growing rapidly in career, these two have grown a lot. Thanking FIIB for helping them fulfill their dreams, Prateek says, “In the 2 years, while I was discovering myself, I realized, I’m best suited for HR where I could find talent that drive organizations forward. As I built a rounded personality, I won the RK Shrivastava Allrounder award, got placed in Udaan India and grew from being a senior HR executive to Assistant Manager, Strategic HRM. I’m in the networks of who’s who of HR, a part of ICPI, NHRDM etc. FIIB taught me the necessary networking skills, the core values I carry in my life, and much much more. 

Ritika has sped across her career too, while being extremely talented at analytics, she cracked two campus placement interviews. “I selected to work with S&P Global Market Intelligence and now got promoted to Data Researcher – 2. 

Over these years, we understood that we complement each other, the best part of our relationship is that we help each other grow and that’s really important. “We came back to the campus to relive the memories that made us the people we are today, the faculty who taught us, the corridors that are witness to the highs and lows of our journey, and the campus spaces that we used to study, prepare for battle of wits, and made the best of friends, are somethings that stay with us all our lives. That’s why along with the skills we learnt at FIIB, a little piece of its essence will always be with us in our hearts!”, says Ritika.

Walking towards another new chapter in their lives, Prateek and Ritika are an example of the strong friendships and bonds people make at  FIIB.

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