Keeping a Journal

Facebook recently showed me my entire year’s activity in an adorable ‘Preview Video’ highlighting my best posts, shares, things I liked and groups and pages I followed throughout the year, and needless to say it was a quick realization that I actually had a good year in the past 12 months. Sifting and skimming through my posts that I wrote whimsically about the city’s traffic, challenges with demonetization, review of a fiction book, I realized that how nice it would be look back at all my past years, provided I had left some diary entries or may be a journal? I believe, most of you would agree with the fact that we love finding things from the past like an old letter or a birthday card or may be a love-note!

This made me think of taking a step ahead and creating a journal for my work too. For example: what did I teach in the class today, how did the students like it? were there some peculiar questions? Or was there another way of explaining a concept? Even as teachers and educators we learn a lot many things from our classes and student each day and writing a journal would be a practice that students too would learn a lot from.

Why should students write journals?

Just like we use FB, twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts to share our thoughts and activities with others, we can keep a study journal too to record our learnings from that day and classes, moreover, your journal is yours only, not out in the public eye like your other social media posts and this would help in collating and gathering your learning at the time of tests, interviews and even exams.

How often you should write?

A few lines or may be a paragraph each day, you can even write if anything particularly exciting took place that day, like “today I gave an excellent presentation”, “I held an amazing debate today, in the class”, “I couldn’t clear today’s interview, yet these are the three things I need to work upon to perform better next time” looking back at it after a few months or may be a year can actually help you realize how far you came from the last time.

Find a spot!

You can even make writing journal interesting and bring some fun and creativity to it, by writing it with the background of some good music, or sitting somewhere in the open or even near a window or terrace! Good environment helps bring good thought. In fact may people claim that by regularly writing a journal they could really get rid of stress and feel relieved after penning down their thoughts, aspirations and even fears.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing yourself grow mentally, physically and intellectually too over a weeks, months and years.