Know Thy Classmates and Master Chef: Blending Management with Teamwork

Master chef competition at FIIB

On 9th June 2014, PGDM students of FIIB’s 20th batch (2014-2016) attended an icebreaking session called “Know thy classmates” that gave them the opportunity to get introduced to fellow classmates and know each other. The session aimed at helping new students to have a first-hand interaction with their batch-mates and also to provide them an overall idea of managerial education by pinpointing its differences from other streams.

Prof Neha Suri (HR) welcomed the students and encouraged them to follow routine conducts and classroom setups within the campus. After making students familiar with the class timings and options for recreational activities, Prof Neha explained how at FIIB, faculty and students work together as a team for the overall growth & development of students.

This was followed by the “Candy Game”– an interactive get-to-know-you game devised with the objective to help participants begin to know each other. A dozen packets of gems were emptied into a plastic bowl and were passed around students along with post-it cards. After everyone had picked up their choice of candies, the real surprise came; depending on the particular color of the candy they had picked, students were to write on one or more particular topics. For instance, if a student picked the green color, he had to write a few lines about his favorite place. If someone picked a red colored candy- he had to write something about his favorite hobby on the post-it cards. Everyone participated in this interesting activity with zeal and fervor. After jotting down their particulars, each student shared their information with other participants. This team building activity helped students to become aware of their unique characteristics and discover commonalities among others.

A few students shared their experience:

Sukhvinder Singh: The “Know Thy Classmates” was a wonderful exercise to know our classmates better. Besides, it also helped us in building self-confidence through sharing of thoughts.

Gaurav Ajwani: It was really an ice-breaking experience! I never thought that such a unique way of getting introduced and knowing our classmates existed.

Ranveer Singh: I was very happy to be a part of this fun-filled session. The exercise helped us to realize what we all had in common. Unique questions were asked and this helped us to explore ourselves better.

Following the session was a unique competition called “FIIB Master Chef” where students experienced insights about team work and time bound performance with limited resources. The competition aimed to improve group-situations by enhancing team-building skills, to help students adapt to the pressure of deadlines and also to learn to manage with limited resources.

Participants were divided into 10 teams of 4 in each, and were asked to prepare a 3-course meal with a number of common ingredients that were distributed equally to each team. A few exclusive items were also divided among the teams, which could be exchanged with each teams for preparing a special dish of their choice. This in turn gave the students not only the sense of working in teams, but also the art of negotiation for accomplishing a certain task.

Each team was allotted a time period of 30 minutes to prepare their share of meals. Soon enough, students found themselves engrossed in preparing unique items at their desks with their team members. At the end of the competition, each team was judged based on their presentation, uniqueness of their items, and the number of exclusive items they exchanged and used in preparing their meal. The teams were judged on their presentation, creativity and use of ingredients. The team comprising of Sunil Sharma, Shirin Sangal, Himanshu Shekhar, Monika dhankar & Shreya Arora was declared as the winner.

Here is what a few participants had to say:

Kaushik: I never participated in a competition like this before. This was an amazing experience for me that gave me the opportunity to learn about teamwork and bartering.

Vineet: This was totally unexpected. I have never cooked anything at home, but thanks to FIIB for the unique opportunity, with the help of our team members, we prepared a great meal today. I believe, competitions like this help us to discover the hidden potential in ourselves.

The day concluded with a movie called “Coach Carter” followed by discussion on the same. Through this, the discussion identified how Leadership is carried on under pressure. The movie, based on true story, highlighted the core quality of a good leader which is “Empowering others to act”.

As the day long activities end, students are excited and are readying themselves to participate in the upcoming events.