Leadership Skills Could Actually Be Taught. Know How!

Everything lives in a process of constant change. Be it humans, the environment or the business landscape. If we pick up the volatile business landscape, we will see that it mandates individuals/employees to ‘learn, create and repeat’ on a constant note. Why so? Well, this process helps individuals/employees in taking their intellect and skills to the next level. Often times, the next level is the platform of a ‘Leader’. Many believe that leadership cannot be infused into an individual because a leader is born, not made. 

If we focus on the behavioural theory, we will understand that situations and skill training programs can actually polish a normal skilled human into an influential figure. A leader is someone who teaches and guides people in ways that bring out the best in them and rewards them with the best possible outcome keeping the various situations under consideration. 

Anybody can be a leader. The right amount of self-confidence, presence of mind, unique thinking capabilities, effective interpersonal skills are just to name a few elements of being a good leader. Some individuals are born with large doses of these skills and some are born with nothing at all. But, this does not cancel out the reality that leadership skills could actually be wired into the human brain. The following are the list of few things that can help an individual instil skills to lead people. 

Inspire yourself to be a team player:

It is crucial for an individual to be team-oriented in order to lead it in the near future. It is common for teams to face several challenges before achieving their goals. Hence, aspiring leaders must be collaborative and helpful to the team while the team faces complex challenges. The individual must contribute to team unity and further promote it. Doing these things will set you apart from your regular counterparts. If this sounds too much then don’t dim down your fire yet. With different skill training programs, developing leadership traits is not wishful thinking any longer. 

Motivate yourself to perform as a leader despite of your current designation:

Leadership is not always about the title. It is about the responsibilities and the vision one has. It is important for an aspiring leader to get noticed. So, try to lead from where you are. Eventually, you will get noticed and end up with the designation of a leader on pen and papers as well. Managers and team leaders always lookout for individuals who can communicate complex messages in the most effective and simple forms. Once you start doing this, managers and leaders will consider you first while they will try to pick the best possible individual to take up their responsibilities while they move into something higher. 

Be open to learning new skills:

It is crucial for an individual to learn new skills in order to put up with volatile situations. For an aspiring leader, this rings louder. Your effective performance in your current designation is the perfect way to get noticed. Once you achieve your comfort to be great in your current designation, it becomes even more crucial for you to adopt new skills. The more you will show interest in learning new skills, senior managers will notice you better just because you have already demonstrated the aptitude and willingness to perform at a higher level. This will show your eagerness to learn.  

Learn from criticism and use it as a stepping stone for growth:

If you are seeing yourself as a leader then it becomes a mandate for you to keep yourself motivated and confident when you are criticised. In fact, ask your supervisor for corrective feedback. This will highlight the fact that not only you are comfortable with your current abilities but also are willing to develop new skills in order to support your career goals that match up with the organizational goals.  The willingness to learn from your mistakes is the best teacher. 

Know your clients in and out:

The best thing an aspiring leader can do is to learn about the client’s needs in a meticulous way. They take every opportunity to communicate with the clients in order to know them better without the clients requiring to express themselves much. This requires good observation skills and practice. Charting out ways to improve clients’ experience while saving money will get you noticed very easily by higher-level managers as it is going to benefit their careers as well.  

Communication accurately:

In this modern world, it is crucial for existing as well as future leaders to write and speak well. This does not mean using the best of words to impress the masses. This means expressing a message so that it becomes clear ‘why’ and ‘for whom’ a certain activity is required to be done. The words of a leader must communicate about the mission and intention clearly. A leader must speak honestly and accurately. Her/his message must have logic and practicality and not sentiments and wishful thinking on how to overcome the  challenges faced by the organization. Along with this, noticeable doses of positive recommendations about how to overcome them. 

Always be solution-oriented and positive: 

Everyday challenges are natural in the corporate landscape. But not letting them overpower the productivity of the workforce is what one leader must be capable of. A positive environment boosts productivity and makes the workforce engage and perform better. The more the leader will be enthusiastic and confident, the more motivated and solution-oriented the teams under her/him will be. It is understandable that it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time. 

Some concluding thoughts….

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